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What does it feel like?

What dose it feel like?

Does if feel like you’re floating?

On ice cold ocean waves,

Or lukewarm puffy clouds.

Does it feel like you have been hanging?

You’re finally cut loose,

Relived as you hit the ground.

Is it painful?

When you leave

Do you feel it?

Does your heart break?

Knowing your time has come,

While you fade into oblivion.

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maybe, I.J.

i want to marry you.
maybe we'll both wear dresses 
maybe Skyler will be our best man
maybe my family won't be invited
maybe Steve will walk me down the isle
maybe our color will be black
or blue
or dark red 
or a deep purple
maybe you'll have half your head shaved
and I'll have an arm covered in tattoos
maybe our first dance will be to an Incubus song
maybe to an Ed Sheeran song

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Never have I  not ponder over you, but seeing you everyday is like a fresh air.Never have I seen the the innermost part of that deep sea which you always carry but I have hope.

Never have I not wished for us but fate is like a game between two players seking a goal. Everyday I feel these monsters with me but my thoughts keep on searching for a new light.

Never have you wished for me again, n...

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Second best

I'm tired of being second best 

I'm tired of being the one the world rejects

The husband wanted more so he went with the bridesmaid 

& even back in primary I never got picked for the school play


Second best is a journey of progression 

Always so close to the prize but then comes life's hard lessons 

It seems no matter how much you want it and no matter how hard you try 


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That Day.

I remember that day -
I was beside her,
Nervous that I was -
I took her hand in mine.

'I'm going to marry you, some day.' I declared.
Ignorant that I was,
I didn't notice -
Little by little,
She died inside.
And she wept.

I thought what I had said,
Had reached the depths of her heart -
I smiled,
Worry didn't exist in my life.

But, that was back then -
A day I would never forge...

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Save me!

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Please save me from this nightmare
I can't bear to keep on going this way.
I didn't know that this world could be so cruel.

I had tried repeatedly
to make it all ceased
but had failed every time.
I had tried to talk to one
but no one seemed to cared enough
to listen of what I had to say.
I had tried it all over and over again
but nothing changed.

Please save me from all the pain
from w...

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Dear Brother

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My poor dear brother,
I don't know you
and you don't know me.

Your name is Robert.
My name is Crystal.

You were born on march 4th,
 and I was born on March 14th.

You are three years older,
and i am three years younger.

But, my poor dear brother,
Although we don't know much
bout each other, I somehow still feel close to you
and I know that someday we'll meet again.

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Creeping through the undergrowth a shapeless black beast hunts and lurks waiting to strike, a young couple out walking disappear in the blink of an eye, gone.

Slaughtered sheep rot in a farmers’ field, it was the creature of the underworld feeding its bloodlust.

No one knows why screams echo through the forest startling the wildlife, this is a supernatural mystery ...

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