Save me!

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Please save me from this nightmare
I can't bear to keep on going this way.
I didn't know that this world could be so cruel.

I had tried repeatedly
to make it all ceased
but had failed every time.
I had tried to talk to one
but no one seemed to cared enough
to listen of what I had to say.
I had tried it all over and over again
but nothing changed.

Please save me from all the pain
from which they like to furnish.
Please save me from all the sadness
that prays onto my soul, so evil like.
Please save me from this world
and all the darkness it Shields
behind closed doors.
Please save me before I finally decide
to make my move to say goodbye
because I can't continue on like this.

I am all I have
but all I ask of you
is to care enough to listen
because there is no telling
of what will happen next
if something is not changed.

So, please save me
from this nightmare
before its all too late
because I don't know how
much longer I can take.

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