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Three Haiku

Where sea and sky meet

                a green flash from the set sun

Lighting distant shores



In Spring my compass

                navigated the world round

Now Autumn tides ebb



In the Winter storms

                my old life invades the new

Waves crash past the strand

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     he met a force


            it held him



... and wonder drained the world of substance

            re-arranged the pages of his book to give more radiant a reading.


The light of new possibilities

pressed down on time.

The girl sang to him "You can hear the boats go by". He


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Ocean Breath

The touch of

ocean breath

and spray

reviving listless

boxed eyes

and minds

to revel

in being

alive again...

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entry picture

Drifting high on a gentle breeze

and grazing the tops of lofty trees,

watching below, all the people move

but there’s nothing left, up here, to prove.


Floating higher and into the clouds,

the sultry silence so deafeningly loud.

Throbbing pulse of a beating heart

as atoms pull; trying to drift apart.


Looking down upon an ailing world

with colourful rags held hig...

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