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naked body, naked heart

tucked knees in chest, like i was trying to protect

myself, because no one else would protect me

bare arms around bare legs

because all i needed then was a hug,

but all i had was myself

searing hot on my skin, droplets sliding down my back

and splattering on the bathtub floor

i turned it as hot as it could go,

because i needed something, anything


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Weightless and free

Orbs of pure simplicity



Not a care

Aloft and riding on the air

Crystal clear


Spheres of rainbows 

And reflections


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Drifting high on a gentle breeze

and grazing the tops of lofty trees,

watching below, all the people move

but there’s nothing left, up here, to prove.


Floating higher and into the clouds,

the sultry silence so deafeningly loud.

Throbbing pulse of a beating heart

as atoms pull; trying to drift apart.


Looking down upon an ailing world

with colourful rags held hig...

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