A padded patch piled on another padded patch
And another
Tunnel vision of Rome through a classless square window
Inability to look down side to side or up
Just straight forward
Like a race horse wearing blinkers
Rome looks pretty
Although I see no famous landmarks or Roman architecture to suggest this is rome
I just know
To describe what i see through this square portal is quite impossible with words
Describing what an emotion looks like
Try telling someone what laughter looks like
Without giving any examples or personal interpretation
Can that be done ?
Is there a word for this ?
So if heartbreak was a physical 3dimentional structure before collaborating with the physical human body
To then be physical visible
The process before if it had colours and textures
How would it take shape ? Draw it
Show the world how anxiety looked before it joins forces body and mind
How does it look
No wrong answers to such mind challenges
Your interpretation is equal as mine
Equally unique
If tiredness could talk
How would it speak ?
My mind
It makes sense to me
The word sense I picture ice and string as I focus
Tell your brain to communicate solely
Ones body a temple
Worship it holy.

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