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Poems hub on Building a fire (Tue, 25 Aug 2020 07:34 am)

I want to

I just want you to know I want to.

I can't see you every day.
I can't kiss you while we sway.
I can't hold your hand.
I can't be seen out with you because you're not my man.
I can't get to know you as deep as id like.
I can't let you really know me, you might say goodbye.
I can't sleep next to you in bed.
I can't tell anyone anything we've said. 
I can't tell you what's going on in my...

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flingforbidden desiresromancesecret


We were young 19 and 22
 just me and you 
we went into this blindly 
everything we've gone through wasn't supposed to be taken lightly
 three months in
 and we found out we're having a kid
 we bickered and we fought
 that's how relationships were at least so I thought 
4 months I was afraid
 but for eight years you've stayed
 but not without a glitch 
you f*** that b**** 
I had poured ...

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brokenquestionsrelationshipsstoryunrequited love


It comes in waves
Crashing over me
It happens at random moments 
It's all in my head, let it pass
Just let it be

It comes in waves
The salt burning me
If its in my head 
Why do I feel it physically?

It takes over and it drowns me
 its Just for a moment
But I literally cant breathe

Its like the ocean
I know it'll keep going
These waves Crashing

Hopefully I'll Learn To Swim

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Open to Interpretation


I'm drawn
Drawn to you
And I don't  know why.
I'm spoken for but you're who I think about all night.

I'm Drawn
Drawn to you
And and your eyes
Like big diamonds when we played with Lucy in the sky.

I'm Drawn
Drawn to you
And your voice
We werent in the same room but I could hear you
And I got excited and I had no choice

But to be drawn
Drawn to you
And all that you are.
I ba...

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Building a fire

There's 2 sticks

Give it A lot of friction

A slow building tension

Allow it some time It'll start, don't whine


See the little embers? 

all of the smoke?

Take a step back so you don't choke.

Give it room to breathe

Just watch, you'll see.

See, there's a little flame 

all you need is a little time and patience

You wouldn't want all that effort to be wasted.



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firegrowthlove metaphorNaturepatiencerelationship

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