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The immaculate

I) Annunciation

A message great
Unmatched to date
From Almighty
Via an angel,
Irreverence against God
That does not tolerate,
To a pious girl immaculate
Was sent.

While the holy one
For a pray bent,
The angel Saint Gabriel,
Himself great
Descended from high
Above in the sky
And with reverence said
There is a message
To be told!

The holy one
Felicitate, for
In God’s fac...

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Grace and Favour

Grace and Favour

For all that a life that's truly led

provides the anxious soul with balm,

yet a gentle breeze, invisible and calm,

precedes the storm where the meek have fled.


In Summer's graceful darkling glides the hawk

in flight over burnished grain, 'till late

a final stoop unearths its prey: its fate

the slashing shadows where the killers stalk.


Though se...

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Jesus was a carpenter

entry picture


Sand the mahogany properly,

Into a masterful bannister,

Craft the staircase gracefully,

The supremacist of the premises.

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carpentergracefulpride in work.staircasewood

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