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If You Ain't Soldier, Then You'll NEVER Know.

If You Ain’t Soldier, Then You’ll Never Know.



     Do not compromise your own security,

Let every cunt and his dog know

You’re a weak minded civilian piece of……….


     Rome wasn’t built in a day,

Nor your life, or mine, or theirs,

     What was built,

Still holds quarter with all,

Be you civilian or military,

And that, is that as they quaintly say,



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Oh The Hypocrisy

As it is rememberence weekend, I just thought I would post you this, in honour of many a soldier!


                                                Oh the Hypocrisy



            Someone get me a cloth,

For someone shat on my screen!


I’m scoping now,

Scoping with a full magazine

Of thirty-two rounds –

The foresight blackened

By my gun oil to assassinate


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