This Is Today

It is not a fable or a fairy tale,

even a child could understand my plea

that is why I speak loudly and vehemently


I am outraged to see

how those who wield power,

supported by uniforms and boots

see us as nincompoops,

weaving narratives of a distorted history

as if nothing had been there


Their very accommodated stories

build paper monuments to their heroes of today,

the same birds of prey

who turned their country

into a vulgar bordello


I can't manage to understand

how man with all his knowledge

values a weapon or a piece of land

more than a human being's life


It takes a lot of effort

to try to understand and grasp

why is it necessary to arm and kill

a world that should be loved?


I need to point out

that I cannot accept

nor justify the concept

that has enveloped us for millennia,

that we can take a life

because someone says so;

it is really confusing and nonsensical

having taught us that killing is a sin

and only God is who decides;

unless we have been deceived,

then who do we believe?


Someday I would like to know,

if anyone can do the math:

since man has ruled the earth

what has been the amount

expended in wars?


I suppose it is incalculable

that amount misspent by delirious men

believing themselves to be great,

competing to create the most lethal weapon

then going out to kill innocents without mercy,

covering all mankind with a shroud

then joyfully call this having the upper hand


It is not normal

that in the name of “peace"

man has had to suffer

and so many millions die

at the whim of a few madmen

believing themselves superior to others


While some kill with bullets

others use hunger

to stay in power

and as a way of thanking

submission and humiliation

award with a bag of food

people that fall on their knees;

that's what they call revolution!


I can only imagine what

our destiny could have been

if we had worked together

creating for all of us

a universal nation,

a more secure future;

that would have been

a brilliant revelation


I am not talking about that false

social equality so well portrayed,

deep down everyone knows

that it stinks of freshly trodden shit;

more than a century of results

allow me to make it clear

with a smile and a laugh


I do not want to be misunderstood

for speaking out this way;

equality must be only of opportunity and justice;

different and beyond

the false and extremist premises

that are used as excuses to foster hatred

and political accommodations


We are living at a crossroad

depleting resources,

eroding grasslands,

burning millenary forests,

poisoning our waters

and yet we avert our gaze;

soon nothing will be left!


Nor do I think it is fair

that just for the sake of indulging ourselves,

out of simple negligence

or for a measly pittance

we extinguish animals

from the face of the earth


I feel immense pain,

I even shudder,

what they're doing to man,

that entrapped in a network,

enclosed in a phone

without realizing he is now

simply data and being put up for sale


They take away our names,

turned us into ones and zeros,

dispossessed of our identity,

we will only be recognized

by a security cam


Man is so lost

that some have forgotten

the name of the Lord,

while others use it

cunningly in vain

for the sole purpose

to deceive, lie and steal


With absence of conscience

or a minimum of shame

they do not cease to blaspheme

the most sacred thing that humanity has;

for them it is only a macabre game

that someday they will have to pay


I see hatred and violence

with an overdose of indolence;

everyone argues and fights

it makes no difference

if one or a hundred die

and by absurd laws stone a woman to death

or hang people for having protested

by challenging power with a paper and a pen


So I wonder…

what is the master agenda;

a world of desolation,

to be kings of androids,

playing gods incubating a new being

obedient and compliant?


Enough of this deception!

we have made been to live

in a bizarre world

that no one can decipher;

this madness makes us seem

like a pathetic herd


Those who take care of us,

soulless beasts,

disguised and smiling

lead us to a slaughterhouse

with songs and distractions


To be silent now

out of fear or cowardice

will grant them success;

we must act with boldness

so that humanity may one day

live in brotherhood and joy


This is today...


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