it pulls back, tight,
a finger falls away
flung through the air
till it hits
and falls
a heavy stone sunk at the bottom of my stomach
but you’ve left the slingshot on the bench outside
and I don’t know how to leave you on that bed
a cold hand still holds my heart
instead, you’ll stay
a heavy stone sunk in my stomach
I’ll never leave you behind
I swear
I’ll take you everywhere
but today you won’t let me go
and it's not fair
that I’m stuck here and you’re through there
and you’ve hurt me with your hit
I’m bleeding all over the floor 
it trails from your door
to my bloody hands and guilty eyes
the dirty grief bleeds from inside
my heavy soul won’t close your eyes
I don’t want
to say 

deathgoodbyegriefgriefstrickenLetting Golosslovepoetry


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