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to return to that place, I say not, but only

to find what was once lost

to fix the broken part of me..broken

to make what never was

to pull down the shade screens formed

to blind the penitent to newly ordered crimes

and forever fix this rift between the fixers and I.

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Kept convincing myself

 end would turn out fine


Fazed but withstanding

implore for a visible sign


Trudge turned Incessant

with reserves at very last


Stretched to the optimum

leaving me plainly aghast


Events turned divergent

 expectations got belied


Means while just perfect

 but to end never applied


Resolve nearly exhausted

on p...

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A narrative poetic thought.






Aye, living & achieving freedom
requires an openness to vulnerability,
to taste fear & persevere.
There are those that would take away
our liberty & even our life.
Nothing is free, we pay dearly even just to breathe.
It takes guts and determination,
then finally we become awar...

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