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Butterscotch Girl

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Butterscotch Girl

She's my groovy disco queen
The reason why I have rhythm
In my offbeat feet

My heart beats passionately like an earthquake
Just by the simple thought
Of her exquisite body next to me

When she sings, 
I sing
When she dances,
I dance

The sun awakens when her brown eyes open
A golden crisp glow covers the land
As she breathes life into the world

Her breath smells like ...

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Our friend, Bob The Bun,

just loved to have fun

and exciting adventures galore,

he’d laugh all day

and jump and play

and roll around on the floor.


Its a very rare sight

to see a bun take flight

but one day he went flying so high,

he held onto a kite

by the tail, so he might

get to see the world from the sky.


Now, whilst he was high,

something low ca...

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blunt-edged butter knives
scrape across brittle landscapes
on freshly overtoasted slices of multigrain loaves

each lumpy mound of spreadable dairy
refuses to swathe evenly, amicably

momentary paralysis plagues
this expedition many times over
without consolation or apology

Please mak...

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