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Crow Lore


We sit and watch the world go by

On fences long and oak trees high

The waxing moon the setting sun

We are the crows of Albion


We chronicle the human ways

Their restless nights and confused days

Mother, daughter, father, son

We are the crows of Albion


Our stories written down in books

Guarded well by crows and rooks

And no one knows what we ...

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Soul Flames & Star Dust

I am sorry 
to see you go,
but know you 
will fare well.

You survived hell
and have a great 
story to tell.

I know our paths 
were meant to cross
and count your departure 
as a big loss.

Even though you may 
drift far away, 
your essence remains.

Our lives are 
forever changed
from your soul flames 
and star dust.  

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The last book

Son, listen and listen well

This here book is the last existing copy of it's kind

It was written by Jan Helmfried Otto

His ideaologies didn't sit well with the you know... the unmentionables

So the books went from hot of the press and into the flames

Well, most of them, but we managed to save this one from the furnace

And now you have used it as paper mache to create a volcano fo...

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Story Telling

In The Beginning

~~In The Beginning

leaving marks
that’s all we’re doing
leaving marks

daubed on cave walls
scratched on parchment
prodded into submission
on a plastic keyboard

blood ink
becoming permanent

crossed through
with a graphite swipe
erased by rubber
white paint

ideas and musings
bold statements
of intent
waxing lyrical
of joy
of hate
of love

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Story Time

The sun had set at its usual hour

bringing excitement for a new found desire

of a book of mischeif or maybe magical power


we ran to the couch with an eager thrill

and daddy read as we listened still

as we hung to every suprising and unexpected word with will


Witches and forests that were frozen

to adventerous journeys unchosen


each word that was read

had d...

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Moon Under Water



How are you today? Are you well? I’m very good today, a little tired but managing. Thank you for asking. I’m here to ask you for a favour.

I’m going to start work on a project soon about pubs and all the culture around it. By this i don’t mean all binge drinking culture aspects but the myths and stories that the buildings and regulars share with the place. I want to...

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