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How are you today? Are you well? I’m very good today, a little tired but managing. Thank you for asking. I’m here to ask you for a favour.

I’m going to start work on a project soon about pubs and all the culture around it. By this i don’t mean all binge drinking culture aspects but the myths and stories that the buildings and regulars share with the place. I want to tell these tales in a new show. Taking inspiration from the oral storytellers who used to travel the regions inns and entertain the locals, I aim to create a number of shows about pubs, bars and everything inbetween on my uni campus where I sit with a small audience and tell them stories about the pub and poems inspired by the venue. 

I’ve started doing research on pubs around britiain and ones that have been a big part of my life, Dog and Partridge & The Old Man and Cythe in Bolton, The Golden Lion in Lancaster and Temple, TV21 and Britons Protection in Manchester, in source for inspiration. I also plan on using some of the essays of George Orwell , specifically Moon Under Water, to help shape the piece.

All I need now is your help. Yes you. Before I approach any of the bars on campus I need some stories to practice with. So what I need you to do ; get in contact with me either through tumblr, Facebook or email and tell me a story about you and a pub. This can be from a heart wrenching memory to a time your mate threw up on the pub dog. There’s no restrictions. All i ask you to consider is who public you want this story to be. Before you submit it please consider how you will feel with it potentially being heard by an audience who have no idea who you are or if this story even is true. So, mention on the message if you would like to remain anonymous or if you want your name in the piece. I will try and get back to those who submit pretty quickly with ideas and questions. I need your full support before I go through with your story.

Please get in touch, be wonderful to hear your stories. I’m looking forward to them

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