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Moon Under Water



How are you today? Are you well? I’m very good today, a little tired but managing. Thank you for asking. I’m here to ask you for a favour.

I’m going to start work on a project soon about pubs and all the culture around it. By this i don’t mean all binge drinking culture aspects but the myths and stories that the buildings and regulars share with the place. I want to...

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PubBlogTheatreStory Telling

200 Miles


Long walks over grassy knolls

Stumble over mounds dug by moles

The right amount of milk in the tea

Taking apart the couch looking for your key

The subtle intimacies that we share

That shows each other how much we care

Me staring at you when you sleep

Hitting my arm to call me a creep


This is our first Christmas together

But there’s a slight niggle...

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Mind The Buzzcocks

  You've finally made into a mediocre indie group

but your struggling to keep in the popular cycle loop

the second single clings on to mtv2

so your manager suggests the last option to do

"lads listen, it's time to come clean

it's tough to make it big with your music business dream

albums sales aren't going well

and it's starting to get hard to tell

if you'll be o...

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  Lanky Lanky Lancaster

Tall prospects for the prospective student

to be engulfed in the campus bubble

to avoid the trouble on morcabme promenade


Cranky Cranky Lancaster

On edge from the influx of the post teen anxiety

their heads in the gutter

looking far away from the glimmering stars


Ranky Ranky Lancaster

scaring off southerners who thought gri...

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Life Line

  Hey there lady whats your conviction

Tell me the pain and i’ll be the infliction
Tell be how long until your out
And ill stop till you shout
What’s your crime
Whatever they paid ill double
And you say it was a bad time
Now i say you were looking for some trouble
This ride of the silver bars
Won’t match up to the scars
That read like a magazine
On the slate that once st...

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Cling On

  The ideas of growing have turned old

forgetting stories once told

with characters who were once so bold

fiction left behind


We open our eyes to fact

loosing any sense of tact

our unwritten pact

ripped up in front of our eyes


We constantly disagree

questioning everything, never letting it be

replying with misjudged maybe's 

forgetting wha...

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Some little pieces

 Here are 3 little haikus for your pleasure, enjoy!


This haiku is shit

but i cannot change this mess

so just deal with it


 you wouldn’t guess a rat bite

on your manhood stuff

the funny side far from sight

    Let me sit you down

Strap you in tell you im proud

Because we are two


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Absent Friends

  This is to absent friends

the ones who barley attend

once so prominent in your life

now to busy to call you mate


This is to the adored

by those called

only by their last names

and are shit at drinking games


The ones who enjoy banter

avoid political ranter

and play football every sunday

spending their weekly pay on shinpads


The ...

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Another Cause for DIstress

  you just took too many pills

not even for highs or thrills

nor for a sense of light relief

you just lost all belief


a cry for help gone wrong

a yearn for attention you’ve wanted for so long

and instead of asking your friends for an answer

you thought to create a solution


you wake up to see us by the hospital bed

with paramedics worrying that you...

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A List of Words I Couldn't Say To You

  I need to compile a list of words I need to say to you

we've just met and i'm clueless on what I should do

to express what i feel towards this

and I couldn't pluck enough courage to even give you our first kiss


I bang my head on the cafe table

questioning if dating is some sort of fable

I'm jealous of seeing what other couples have

they step to happiness mean...

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  How I long to be a noose

Not the bereaved body alone and loose

Decaying in the autumn air

Rotting the flesh from the bones

But the rope end itself

Clutching at the neck of this criminal cunt

Guilty of robbing a piece of gold

Or for killing tarts


The sense of authority and punishment

Would be grand for me

People would cower at the thought

Of ...

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  whilst reading poetic verse

i stumbled upon a curse

that will haunt my dreams

and ruin my life or so it seems


as i shouted about the pains of love

and used metaphors based around a glove

all seemed to be going as planned

and the audience were eating out of my hand


but i didn't impress all

which accumulates my distinct fall

as there was one j...

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Fathers Day

 The type of man that makes my blood boil

with hair as shiny as foil

eyes that stare right through any human being

and as tall as the celling


he overpowers me with his masculinity

and demands "what is this i see in front of me"

sorry sir it was an accident

i didn't know it was your pride i would dent


he fills every pause in my speech with a yeah


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The Colour Red

Roses are red

your blood is red

my hands are red

your wound is red

red is my favourite colour

pity you're dead



Note: I wrote this in the   interval of Freed Up on Thursday 18th of June and read it out. I saw a few smiles

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Accidental Afternoon of Poetry

  Accidental Afternoon of Poetry



1:00 - 3:30

£1 entry

50p NUS


YARD theatre

41 old birley street




A special kind of open mic with a twist


After accidentally keeping a booking for the YARD theatre in Hulme for the 19th of June i thought i might as well use it for some good.

This event called "Accidental Af...

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GigOpen Micpoets

Oddest Couple Paired

   yes, you and i have started to fuck each other

we both made it clear that we are not lovers

but whatever the case

we still made it to fourth base


it was a strange attraction

that drove me to distraction

when i saw you propping up the bar

and i did wonder if i could get very far


we bonded over the same music

went over to the jukebox and decided ...

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The Homely Feel

  some people would call me shy

but they don't know me, no they don't

i usually sit alone and let life pass me by

refuse to let people in, i just don't

i don't want to tell them about myself

i'd rather die


now to put a cap on this speculation

i though't i would end this bitter confliction

shut every door from the world

remove the oyster from it's pearl


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Dearest Sister

 dearest sister

it's hard to admit that i've missed her

but it's been a long time since i've seen you

and i wonder what you're up to


Because we've lost contact i think up silly things i imagine you've done

walking around in the sun having fun

speaking to koalas or befriending kangaroos

the typical silly things that you do


You're having a great time


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Love floating high over all











I like playing with typography

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Why God Why?


now, it'll be a repetitive cliche if i blame you for every wrong i have committed

and even more dull if i question your existence 

another repetitive drone preaching atheist beliefs

but i do have a few questions


if you give me an audience i wouldn't waste any enquires 

i know famine and poverty is band but it never effected me

global warming is pretty big but...

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Devil's Bidding

    A cry for attention


  my fourth detention 

this week could be worse

if i put them all in a hearse

because they looked at me the wrong way

something they will regret one day


I go home that night and plan

blue prints of the school with dashes leading to every exit

blocking it for every little shit dashing to save their souls

finding a vantage po...

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Devotion is the Motion

Now I know it sounds stupid to say but I kept an online diary
Up in the open for everyone to see
But it was fun to keep
And made me seem deep

After closing it in 2008 I thought it best to re-open it after years of personal refurbishment
To see into the world of my former self
A young wiper snapper
Taking pictures of himself because he thought he looked dapper
I looked thro...

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Glances in the Common Room

my dear it's clear for me to fear that one day
i'll loose you some way

it started as awkward glances to heartfelt romances
silly little talks to sundown walks
from pokes online to sharing wine
private jokes to public provokes

i know i might be to loud for you and you might think it profound
but, i actually care for you
gone are days looking for different ways to satisfy so...

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We are all the same...LOL

we are all the same
even if you dress unique
we are all the same
or in a different clique
we are all the same
the music you like
we are all the same
if you pretend to be a dyke
we are all the same
2 hair colours
we are all the same
over 50 followers
we are all the same
taking a different paths
we are all the same
if you can do the math
we are all the same
own a...

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It's a long walk back home
but as each step touches the paths behind us
our hands meet in my pocket
i realise how lucky i should feel

but with each step that claps the paths behind us
i start to sweat and my palms become drenched
in fear i may loose you again
to other men

but with each step that graces the paths behind us
i tell myself to look into your eyes
and as the...

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