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Snapping twigs beneath my chilled toes

Each pebble each stick pains my bare feet

This forest is rough and it surely knows

Of its unseeable and dangerous defeat


The moon shines weakly throughout the night

Granting a minimal amount of visible light

Dead trees I saw black branches about

There is no sign of life that is no doubt


I continue my journey with great cautio...

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Night is blinding

The road seems eternal with colorless blobs surrounding its path

With little to look at leaving me fearful and uncertain

It twists and turns as if a blowing curtain

The moon sheds some light 

Too weak to guide my way

It sits and awaits to be chase by the sun

And reveal this dark world around

So I will follow this road till tomorrow

And begin once again

On a new horizon's...

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Becoming Alice

I gaze into the rabbit hole. It does not gaze back. And still, I am ready to enter. 

This mischevious risk urges my desire

To fall within and forget all that is prior

I comtemplate the life I've lived and all the choices I've choose

And what is next in my life and where will my path go

I relieve my grip and accept this new phenomenon

I fall through the hole and embrace the myster...

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Alice In WonderlandWonderlandHolemagiclifeself discovery

Story Time

The sun had set at its usual hour

bringing excitement for a new found desire

of a book of mischeif or maybe magical power


we ran to the couch with an eager thrill

and daddy read as we listened still

as we hung to every suprising and unexpected word with will


Witches and forests that were frozen

to adventerous journeys unchosen


each word that was read

had d...

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