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She goes through waves
She is swimming for days
Through the ebb and the flow

She is always surrounded
She is often floundering
There is far to go.

How we try to reach her
Hope for skills we could teach her
As she makes her way

But there's not a notion
That can take this ocean

We are making swimming motions
We are signalling directions
With our flapping hands

But it f...

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The Certainty Of Death

The person that I want to be
dies every day.
I never know exactly when, or how.
Sometimes it is sudden,
Sometimes lingering,
I often struggle, I often cling,
Sometimes, fatalistically, I just give in
But the person I want to be dies every day
Sometimes many times.

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Breath On The Mirror

It is going to come
 as some surprise
To those who think
 that I am wise

But I hardly know
 what's right to do
And I've probably done
 far less than you

I'm nothing much
 make nothing different
I'm usually stuck
 so much for wisdom

It makes me sad
 to fall so short
Not what I hoped
 I'd be at all.

But this is not
 the final me
I can be more
 than what I've been

And in...

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The Middle Of Being

I am
so much
in the middle
of being
on the edge
of things.

I am 
I am so much
so much
so much in the middle
the middle of being
of being on the edge
the edge of things.

And I think
These are the worst
places to be
The middle and the edge
Or is it?
Or is it 
knowing where we are
is the wrong kind of knowing?

I am
so much
in the middle
of being alive
on the edge

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How Far Sorry Goes

You'd be surprised
How far your sorry goes
It floats out through the air
To where, nobody knows.
(One moment spoken, and in another moment gone)

You'd be surprised
How far your sorry goes
So many times
It never even leaves your throat.
(And its those you've never said
That last the longest in my head)

But most of all,
You'd be surprised
How far your sorry goes
If it were meant

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Tongue Tied

The words that tell my story
To the depth it should be told
Have buried deep inside of me
And spread through flesh and bone.

I cannot catch a single thread
That isn't so firmly tied
Around my mind and lungs and heart
That if I pulled it out I'd die.

That's why forming sentences
Is ripping me apart
And as for explaining anything
Will I ever get the chance?

But just as does the lio...

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The Cause of So Many Tears

It's been some time, too many years
Since the cause of so many tears
Since a set of people and their shoddy work
Caused so much injustice and so much hurt.

And it's still unfolding, as it always would
Until I close the chapter in the way I should
And it drags me backward, and I can't move on
And it will wear me out until the job is done.

Because I love my children, and I love myself

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Stride On

Oh......     another day  .... thrown away
                another pain .... nothing gained

       Stride on - to the sunlight
       Stride on - through the shadows
       Stride on - even though it's night
       Stride on - to the 'morrow  
              (to the sunlight)

But Oh..    another day  .... thrown away
                 another pain .... nothing changed


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Approaching Melting Point

Oh there's a change, there's a change a-coming
Oh no there's a change, something won't be the same,
There's going to be some blame a-coming.

Begin the breathing, there's that sinking feeling.
No. No, surely we can swim, maybe we can win
We can float or find a boat, or keep the water under chin...

Oh there's a change, there's a change a-coming
Another source of pain, each time they're ch...

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To Be Decided

Oh you are stranded on a mountain
you are deep down in a cave
you are in a burning building
you are threatened by big waves

There's a hurricane surrounding
The earth is quaking underfoot
you're marooned and you are drowning
you are in amongst the wolves

And you are paralysed and voiceless
you're exhausted and in shock
you're bewildered and defeated
you are hopeless and you're lost


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The Gift Of Life

When I had children
My life became theirs
Creating their joys
Removing their cares
Being the ground 
On which they can stand
Sharing their path
Holding their hand.

And I set out with dreams
That our lives would be good
When it broke at the seams
I did all that I could
And as I faced down our demons
And I set them to flee
I thought of protecting them
Not of damaging me.

Once you...

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The Strength Least Expected

Somewhere in your mind are all the strengths you seek
But say not into your mind 'Do I have strength?'
For only the laughing strength will answer 'Yes'
And only the teasing strength will answer 'No'
And all others will be silent, or will stay asleep.

Somewhere in your mind are all the strengths you need
Not always in the moment you expect.
But in the moment that matters.

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Don't want to be waiting to live,
Don't want to be waiting for death.
Though the tide repeats outward and back,
Take a stand on the sand as it shifts.
Look around and be thankful 
For this 
May be all that there is.

Then the sun is the jewel that I own,
And it's greater than all that I don't,
And the moon is the pearl that surpasses
All others wherever they be,
And the water that sust...

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So much of what I hoped to be
has been torn away
in these years of struggle.

Not like old skin, 
whose tiny dry fragments
helpfully disperse,

These pieces of my self 
went differently,
before use, and without replacement.

And when we perceive ourselves
we are not what we are
but also what we were and what we will be
and all of these are missing pieces now.

It has an obvio...

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Here Until Then

You put me in this place
and took away my means of getting out.
You put me in this place yeah
and took away my skill at getting out.

Well you may make me crawl, now
but I'll crawl out stronger when 
I crawl out.


    This is where I am, yeah
    But I won't be here forever, no
    And I'll know this place better when I go.
    Yeah you brought me low
    But I'll climb...

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Imagine All The People...

They saw a snowman
And called it
The tip of an iceberg

They couldn't see the scarf or hat
Because wisdom
Makes them blind.

They saw a cup of water
And called it
A raging flood

They said it was dangerous
And they couldn't 
Change their minds.

They saw an egg-timer
And called it
A harsh desert

They claimed that it was hell on earth
Because they'd decided
What to find.


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Nature's Hug


Humming along with the breeze
La la-la-la
Singing a song with the birds in the trees
Oh Oh-Oh-Oh
Floating along with the clouds
Ahh Ah-Ah-Ah
Feeling peaceful now.

Oooo Ooo-Ooo-Ooo
Seeing the beautiful sky
Tra la-la-la
Watching the birds as they fly by

Happiness is as easy as this
Nature’s hug, Nature’s kiss.
All, all of life, as easy as this.

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A Moment Away

We all need a moment away
From whatever we usually do
We can’t be forever the same
We all need a minute or two.

And when we get time to unwind
From the twists and the turns that life brings
What a relief for the chance to reflect
Straighten out, raise our heads, spread our wings.

Then once more to those whom we love
And once more to that which we do
For nothing will greatly have chan...

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Not Not Not

Life may not be perfect
But sadness isn’t worth it,
And no matter how bad it gets,
Or whatever the world may expect
I’m not done hoping yet.

I could weep, I could cry
But what would that buy?
Another moment of misery?
Or instead I could smile
And then at least I’d be lifted.

And life may not be great
But happiness shouldn’t wait
So no matter what
I’ll enjoy what I’ve got
I’m not ...

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