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Trying Times

Getting through the day can be a challenge,

And often is an uphill struggle.

So I sometimes wonder why I go on each day,

And never find the answer to this puzzle.


Too oft life does not go my way

And seems to me to be unfair,

And it is when I hold my hopes up highest

That they crash down into despair.


This world that can be cruel and strange

But I must lead this...

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Super Mum: Another Working Class Hero

She’s got two part time jobs

and works her fingers to the bone

a single mum with no support from him

but she made that house a home.

Empty promises of child support

to help to feed her pack

every bloke she’s ever known’s

always fucked off and turned their back.

She doesn’t feel resentment

she never has the time

if she gets an hour to herself each day

she swears tha...

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Oracle of the Drought

entry picture



fall into pools of swirling merriment
shirk substitutes that others recommend
firm in the knowledge of purest joy
your visage clear in mind, no mental toy

stab with wanton thrusts this warm caress
reveal dream's scorn amid phobic duress
with fiery brand your chariot swift - protect
lunar spheres in shaded ponds - thoughts collect

tinge red this broken tune - unbroken...

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The joy of fading memory

entry picture


gnarly fingers
veil his face,
skin thin and crusty
at spots:
splotched parchment
of years in the sun

from his forehead to
his chin
then meets gravity;

through his soil-grimed
singlet, jeans and boots;
hours of toil
simmer away
in rivulets
of forgetfulness.


Photo by Eric Kaufman, NC

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