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All is not lost

Do not be fooled

Do not turn away

You have been given a sign that cannot be denied

Out of grace, you have not been abandoned.


God is still good

God is still the loving Father


The ones who end in hell

Choose that for themselves

by being stubborn

by being deceitful

by being arrogant

by being spiteful


The age of the Gentiles is not over with the rapt...

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christian poetrytribulation

Oracle of the Drought



fall into pools of swirling merriment
shirk substitutes that others recommend
firm in the knowledge of purest joy
your visage clear in mind, no mental toy

stab with wanton thrusts this warm caress
reveal dream's scorn amid phobic duress
with fiery brand your chariot swift - protect
lunar spheres in shaded ponds - thoughts collect

tinge red this broken tun...

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