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Remember the 60's?
the 20-year cold-war fatigue
and Lennon sang, 'back in the...' where?
and everyone grew their hair
and everyone else was 'square,'
and Woodstock was the right to 'bare,'

that was 50 years in the past
their teachings didn't last,
the world is going insane
trying to make everyone the same
& now the hippies sport a cane

soon, the net gets everyone typecast
tracked w...

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Oracle of the Drought



fall into pools of swirling merriment
shirk substitutes that others recommend
firm in the knowledge of purest joy
your visage clear in mind, no mental toy

stab with wanton thrusts this warm caress
reveal dream's scorn amid phobic duress
with fiery brand your chariot swift - protect
lunar spheres in shaded ponds - thoughts collect

tinge red this broken tun...

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