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Trying Times

Getting through the day can be a challenge,

And often is an uphill struggle.

So I sometimes wonder why I go on each day,

And never find the answer to this puzzle.


Too oft life does not go my way

And seems to me to be unfair,

And it is when I hold my hopes up highest

That they crash down into despair.


This world that can be cruel and strange

But I must lead this...

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ChallengesHardshipStruggling. HopeStuart Vanner

New Year - New Beginnings


All we can do makes no difference
All that we see makes it worse
All that we feel is more pain
All that we say is useless
All that we are is dust
All that we want is
Impossible unless
We take the
First step.



I know that I loved you,
And more than a little,
But now you are gone.

I feel...

Too heartless to beat,
Too lonely to need,
Too empty to c...

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