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The Other Woman

The Other Woman


I feel sorry for her

She believes your lies

Wipes tears from your eyes

She thinks you care,

Always be there.

We know that’s fake

Rotten wedding cake,

Broken vows,

Affairs with old cows, 

Twisted memories told,

Left out in the cold. 

Beaten and broken, 

Heart torn open,

All still to come, 

Treated like scum,

The future holds this,


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Unforgiven Glimpses

Unforgiven glimpses

into a tempestuous past

bruise after bruise

fragments of broken glass

sirens screeching suddenly

shattering the silence of night

is this the way it finishes

does life end for her tonight


Blood soaked fists

a demon in his eyes

this man she thought a friend

his constant stream of lies

her eyes begin to close

as her body becomes numb


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A poem for my ex-husband

I loved you once
I think
You swept me up in a cyclone of romance and fear
Excitement and charm
And control.
A romantic threat across a crowded room
On lined paper.
I love you, but if you ever shit on me I'll break both your legs.
You loved me!
And I loved you for that.
They say love makes you blind
And I was blind
I could not read the flashing signs.
And I was deaf
I could not hear t...

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Five Dollar Words

To expunge them from my mind

That's the only thing I wish I could do for myself that I feel utterly incapable of doing

I'm at war with my thoughts and memories

Old wounds echoing in the present

Ripping my heart as fresh as it tore years ago

A different face, a different name

An altogether different entity and demeanor

But I can hear the words from your mouth as if he's spoken ...

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True Story

This is how messed up it was...

Last night, my husband woke up and was cuddling me, then touching me, then we both were wide awake in intimacy. It was beautiful. It always is.

Then after, the doubt creeped in.

Chris lied. Chris always lied. I would wake up in the middle of the night to him touching himself to pictures on the internet. Once I woke up and he was staring at pictures of a wom...

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Violet Violence

I loved you like I loved storms. I was fascinated by every strike of lightning and each gust of wind, the sheer power of it, the wind I mistook for passion and the ferocity I believed was simply something to pass with the movement of clouds.
Little did I know the damage caused to my being every second I caught myself standing in its wake.

I loved you far more than you deserved. I loved you a...

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The GD Devil

I remember the fire in his eyes, burning red and hot like the devil's. Sometimes it was just a flicker, a blink, and a temporary fade when we were out in public. Other times it lit and caught and consumed his entire person and mine as well. I melted under the heat of those flames. It melted my strength, my dignity, everything I stood for. It made me feel weak. It burnt me, enough to carry those sa...

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Gas Light

Be kind... I am still getting used to writing after my stroke. It’s so hard but a friend’s experience prompted this one . Assisted technology sounds bizarre  reading back such a sensitive topic. I hope it still works as a poem. 


Gas light


It’s not a street light. 

It’s so hard to see. 

So unaware,

It frightens me. 


I’m not worth it.

Am I to blame? 

Is it my f...

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A Fool Like Me

When your heart beats so fast because the man you love is right there
Beauty shines from within fuled by love we share
That warm feeling
 of course he feels the same
You know it's in his eyes and through signals from his brain
Knowing your safe no matter what
Knowing whatever happens you mean to him alot
Security of knowing love will see you through
The comfort that he trusts the same and ...

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The beautiful game

It’s only a game

This beautiful game.


There was nothing he liked more than a kick-around with a ball

Down the park or the reccie with his mates

He’d stay out til dark and his mum would moan he was late for his tea.

The lads swapped football stickers and wore team shirts for PE

And when he got the latest home kit for Christmas he was delighted.

Okay there was that time tha...

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My Abuse, Still My Fault - but Never My Fault

    You’d get so angry at me for no fuckin’ reason

So cold, baby, your heart is so freezing

    “I just want you to act like you love me, trust me, and put no one above me”

If I don’t answer nicely, you’d push me and shove me

You’d get in my face, acting tough, “Go ahead try and fight me -

Come on, fight me back, I wish you would try me,”

But why would I try you?

Because now I...

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The Mules

I am sorry she feels so angry,
She tried to let it go, 
It's all in the past now,
But all she's done is grow. 

The memories sit beside her,
Dark pain silently crushes
Nothing to break the fear,
Screams no one will hear. 

Remember stinging legs,
Red and raw as silk,
Smacked and beaten badly,
Long gone the mothers milk. 

Why did you do it child?
You always break the rules.

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These Streets

I was born here, under Maggie's rule.
Living beneath her Spitting Image character
hanging from a telecom wire overhead.
The youth here knew hate before they knew love
and everybody hated the Iron Lady.
Everything here was grey; from the rows of well-worn
tenements and dirt-strewn streets to the sunken eyes
of every battered wife.
Violence was rife, accepted as normality.
A messed up reali...

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‘It’s my skin,’ she said,

But he still shook his head.

Did she not understand

The risk entailed? Once the

Fine pale surface was broken,

There was no going back.

The permanency of a foreign body

Worming its way beneath

Her flesh - this he could not 

Permit. For her own good.


Though he paid no heed

To the multicoloured rings

And patterns that each faded


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Malefic Condescension: Wrought by You I

Drawing worthless diction as fire,

       Pictures of hope via inaudibly denouncing marionette's adorning a threat of silence augmented memory shrapnel ache crown, Unholy is the bargain of karma's fallen god betting delicate righteous amputated feeding gold hand, Wherein Avarice' nurtured greed lies unnaturally skin apparently injected confession awoken, Bruised tongue & wicked attention ...

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