Gas Light

Be kind... I am still getting used to writing after my stroke. It’s so hard but a friend’s experience prompted this one . Assisted technology sounds bizarre  reading back such a sensitive topic. I hope it still works as a poem. 


Gas light


It’s not a street light. 

It’s so hard to see. 

So unaware,

It frightens me. 


I’m not worth it.

Am I to blame? 

Is it my fault? 

It’s part of his game.


He has got me convinced,

Controlled and coerced,

Unable to cope 

Time must reverse. 


Neglected my self,

Lost my self worth,

Created a shadow, 

Weakness gave birth. 


I knew I should leave, 

He tells me I can’t, 

He twisted my friends 

Magician enchant. 


He cries like a baby,

Claims it’s for love

Smashes belongings

Boxer no glove.


His temper is fiery

His rage bites my heart.

There is no escape. 

I blame Cupid’s dart. 


I need to be strong, 

Keep him away, 

It’s not that easy,

Despite what they say.


You have to have been there.

You have to know how. 

To break away clearly,

strength will allow. 





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Lisa C Bassignani

Thu 27th Jun 2019 00:00

Louise, at the risk of being kind....This is a lovely poem.


Tue 25th Jun 2019 10:15

Louise, I think it's a terrible indicator of certain trends in society that a contributor should feel as if she has to remind readers to be kind. We are each trying to express ourselves in anyway we can and shouldn't be required to be especially ingenious or conformist to be the recipients of understanding--or, at least, of courtesy and/or silence where understanding does not exist.

Feelings on the preamble aside, the meaning is not lost--anyone who's been on the wrong end of such an experience knows how deleterious the effect of such insidious mind games. Really, I think it's a fine comment on your sense of decency that you should take up a friend's cause in such way )


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Don Matthews

Tue 25th Jun 2019 00:30

That rhyming is good Louise. The lilt and the rhythm carries the message along. It could refer to you or someone else. Doesn't matter. That's what i like about rhyme - it's a multi-messageable carrier.....

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