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Religious Dogma

From the dawn of man when he perceived

When he philosophised about conduct of the life to lead

Hallucination and myth began to unfold

The roots of religious dogma began to grow


Religious text stemmed from man made stories

Written by scholars to express their theories

Taking what you will from whatever you agree

But blind faith is foolish, it is so unreal


No knowledge of vast reptiles or the big bang theory abound

Religious dignitaries burnt heretics who proclaimed the earth was round

To follow the scriptures blindly was the accepted position

Questioning the teachings of god was condemned as  sedition


 Ancient Civilisations were created on religious fact

 Morals and values absorbed from religious text

But remember the misery religion has caused

The ascent into wars and the holocaust


Together with science and the Darwin theory

Mans function on earth can be seen more clearly

Humanity is one of many species of which all are mutual

No heaven or hell, nothing is consequential


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Mr Dean Carroll

Tue 24th Sep 2013 06:09

Many thanks for your comment Jane. Though I am an atheist at heart, I see some of the sage advice in religious text as important in attempting to create a moral society.Though religion is becoming increasingly irrelevent among brits today. I see that the consequences of that being a more immoral society with problems such as greed and corruption, and though I personally don't believe in god and some of the far flung stories included in the bible, I believe that it should be read on a theological level and garnering a moral framework with standards to live by.

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jane wilcock

Sun 22nd Sep 2013 14:44

Well said, a Unitarian maybe. The theological vs scientific dogma bores me: one resons and explains, the other is experiential but they also semm at times to overhang and blend at will.

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