Don't You Dare

Don't you dare lie to us about Islam 

Don't you dare say ISIS is more than just a sham

The truth is Islam is all about peace and that's a fact

The truth is ISIS has no truth at all, it's all just an act


For just like Christianity, Islam has been misused

For just like Christianity, Islam has been abused

By power seeking maniacs who speak no truth at all

There’s never been a Holy War, to kill is not a call

That any true religious man has made and that’s a fact

For every real religion says it clear, to kill's an evil act.


So ISIS is just the latest in a line of liars that deceive,

They call upon confused kids with hatred they believe,

Not because it’s in the Quran or any true teachings anywhere,

But just some vile hate language with which they hope to scare

People who never really understood their religion teaches peace,

Just go read the original book, then from war there’ll be release.


Megalomaniacs spring up from every generation and should be ignored

Hitler was just one of many and what we know from him is still stored

No one can bring back the many millions of lives lost to dark charisma

But we can make a better effort to resist future deaths by a poisoner

Of minds by gross distortion and deliberate deceit of the easily led

By those who only seek power for themselves leaving many others dead.




February 20th 2015


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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Mon 23rd Feb 2015 03:06

Hello MC,

Yes the ISis crowd twist things by means of a known distortion of a text - how easy it is to do these things - Hitler was an expert in distortion and his ability to fool rather too many for rather too long was a very costly example of what happens when such people are left without sufficient challenge. The Nazi party simply wiped out many of the legitimate voices that tried and the governments of other countries were far too timid.

We cannot afford to let ISis use the same crushing techniques - it may be hard to reverse, but we see that Egypt's Grand Imman has called for the historical misreading of the Quran to be discredited. The plans for a joint Arab force to tackle terrorists is gaining support and that may have a part to play, but the fundamental need is for a squashing of the corrupted version of the text and the clarification of the true wording and meaning.

As with many languages, there is often a small difference between a positive and a negative aspect in a text, particularly when taken out of context.

The known changes in our own language contain notable anomalies such as 'It is the exception the proves the rule'. More logically that would have read as 'It is the exception that disproves the rule'. Without a true scholar making the distinctions between current and past meanings, many texts we read from historical documents can very easily be misused, even without deliberate intent.

This is of course why Latin is often used as a way to clarify meanings - 'Exceptio probat regulam in casibus non exceptis', or 'exception confirms the rule in the cases not excepted'. Dead languages don't change, so can be used as a benchmark.

In everyday use, English changes through the slang terms used and through examples such as 'Bad' being used to say something is really good, etc. Sorry MJ, but I still prefer 'Good' and might produce an alternative Album sleeve... ;)

It is certainly hard to arrive at definitive interpretations that all will agree on - such is the mind sets of many who simply want conflict to persist in order to enable their own power base to rise.

I have no religious beliefs myself, but it is a great deal easier to respect any teachings that have a solid moral core along the lines of 'Goodwill to all men' and I see that is one of the statements most religions have offered to their followers, albeit the wording may vary a little.

One thing is surely clear to anyone with an open mind, allowing violence to suppress opposing views is a recipe for destruction of anything worthwhile that mankind has ever achieved.

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Mon 23rd Feb 2015 02:29

Hello Harry, thanks for commenting. I think the power of the label 'Religion' often undermines the normal questioning of what is really right and wrong. So many are either blindly following those who claim an insight into the intentions of God or Allah and the one tho we can be sure of is an equal and opposite reaction will come in time.

There will never be a solution to the troubles of mankind until the use of brain power overcomes the power of emotive outbursts that too many who know better are afraid to challenge.

One of my poems about war casualties is 'The Unknown Child', which queries how many unborn children died with their mothers during wars. Not a statistic we see being listed for obvious reasons, but they were nevertheless human casualties.

Best wishes, Dave

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 22nd Feb 2015 11:14

Recently, on MSN,a most interesting article was
found (from the National Journal) about the
version of Islam used by ISIS - basically that
Mankind is doomed anyway and their idea of the
intentions and preachings of the Prophet means
they have nothing to lose in the long term and
that Islam ( a religion which uses the word
"infidel" to demonise unbelievers and thus considers
them for disposal via execution/slavery etc.) is the one "true" religion...and their version
is nearer to the Prophet's vision of the
superiority of Islam.
If we take the latter as "gospel", then we
may understand the wider spread of Islam via
the mosques that have been permitted to be
built in the West when Christian places of
worship enjoy no such elasticity of consent from Muslim lands.
All religion is about "control" - mind and body...and none dare admit it for fear of being
found out. What was that old saw? Ah yes...
"Softly, softly, catchee monkey".

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Sat 21st Feb 2015 16:53

Thanks Lynn. Peace is the only way to achieve any stable world order - we've seen all attempts to use violence fail throughout history - and each time a new megalomaniac tries his hand, their reign is shorter than the previous bunch.

Of course they are generally too egocentric to notice history shows they have little prospect of success beyond a few years at most. best wishes, Dave

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Harry O'Neill

Sat 21st Feb 2015 14:09

I agree with Lynne, some very pertinent points very well (and rhythmically) put...particularly the points about distortion and deceit.

The problem is that any of the millions of people who
go to war for any of a million `reasons` usually belong to some religion or other anyway.

A good site on the casualties of wars is the Wiki one called List of wars by death toll. (where we find that the so-called `religious` ones come way down the list)

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Lynn Dye

Sat 21st Feb 2015 13:05

Powerful words, Dave, and I completely agree with you.
I have read that the only one common ground that all religions hold is 'love thy fellow man'.
That says it all really, doesn't it?
Well done on this poem.

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