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Its only race man

You like to label people with race and colour

he’s a black this

he’s a jew

isn’t it about time we labelled you

yellow man this

asian man that

your even afraid of your ginger cat

hate 2 pac but listen to rap

3 times a week on the sun bed to get a tan

but you hate everything about the black man

time ’s up brother time to decide your colour

show your face, lets  decide your race


Keep c...

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I'm sick to death of repetition
show me something new
I need chaeos and disorder
I'm sick to death of ...


What excitement the world ending brings
Like the alternative ending of a film
The world waits for anarchy
She thrives on dis-equilibrium


This life is like a waltzer at a fairground
nauseating and repetitive
Let me off, I want to get of,
nauseating and ....


I need an adventure
a walk on the w...

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Are We Forever?

entry picture

I remember when your arms were inviting
and your tongue didnt move just to correct my point of view
Remember when our kisses led to biting?
Now I only bite in frustration at you


Your bed used to keep me warm
now I wake up to insomnia freezing my bones
Our arguments make me want to be alone
But when i'm away I miss the love we own


Can we go back to the way we were?
Have we come to far to relinquis...

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Fate has no say, no authority
he is a silent witness in the courtroom
When you stand between two doors
pondering potential
fate will not steer you in any direction


Fate has no say, no authority
when you have come to the end of your journey
your finger fiddling with the maps oppurtunities
fate will not steer your finger in any direction


Fate has no say, no authority
A clock steals seconds, minutes,...

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Welcome to the city Pt 2

entry picture

Welcome to the city
city of angels
of demons
of men and women
con artists,
scheming fraudsters and intelligent drug dealers
they all share a secret
they were once innocent
as was the city
before its beauty was discoloured
her purity stolen by thieves of the night

I want to see the city in all its grace
in her naked form
showing all
stripped of its costume
theres beauty in her madness
like a lady...

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A large room
immaculately clean
a single chair
an imprint of someone who used to sit there


The empty book case
still the faint musky smell of old pages
a loose bracket with a screw missing
the unstained patch on the wall
where a framed photo once glistened


Flowered curtains stained by cigarrette smoke
the room is silent, quiet
you can hear the faint memory of unconditional laughter
impressions on t...

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Life's Question

                   Are you living in fear of death?

                   Or dying with the fear to live?

                   Live to kill your fears

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Painful Words

Truth knocks at the door

quietly he enters

you've heard his voice before

you quiver at the sentence


Those words you cannot say

you choose to write them down

read by a family betrayed

you paint smiles over their frowns


Behind the gentle face

lies darkness disguised

the words leave a sour taste

crooked pictures left behind


Hide yourself from the crowd

who ask awkward question...

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Welcome to the City

entry picture

Welcome to the city of many faces

the city of angels, of demons, of men, of women

youths fashioned with the latest sports gear,

k swiss trainers, stone island jackets instilling fear

streets moving fast, cars, buses, crowds of people

salesmen, businessmen whizzing past


Welcome to the city of dreams

the place to find yourself,

your calling is here, standing near,

for artsists, buskers...

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entry picture

On the first day, God created cocaine

He had to try sample it of course

"Thoust who sniff this shall frazzle their brain!"

But just to make sure he tried it again


On the seconbd day, he created women

he had to sample of course

"Curse them who do this act outside marriage!"

On the second day God was married


Day 3, one of his finest, he created man!

"Let him be as strong as I am!"


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Taste The Day

entry picture

Today I tasted fear

as they came and took me away

soldiering me to the car

that sour taste will stay

every night I must consume in this hell, reminding me of that day


Today I tasted authority

as they threw me down onto my cell

sniggering as they did so

that revolting taste and smell

every morning I wake, to the stench of hell


Today I tasted injustice

as he slammed down his gavel...

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Timeless Finity

entry picture

 This poem needs to be viewed in its full form (i.e clicking on the poem) to see it in its true form. Thankyou










alone,still I wait

my silence shattering

still, calm like the dead sea

Has time stopped for me,slowed

No! But I accelerate and time slows

We are too mortal for this infinite universe

That star I see in the sky is from a time before I know

We are t...

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As I Leave

We sit and talk about everyday things

the things which annoy us

you don't like the puddles rain brings

it soaks you upto your knees

Your loneliness seems to be my bliss

cause your feeling alone

I enjoy your kiss

I heard you cry for the first time last night


your tears scarred my eyes

When they come to take me away

i'll say I cannot leave

and if the time may come

my final day


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Dsyelxic? I tihnk not!

I worte a peom teh ohter day, I was vrey uspet I hvae to say, wehn my taehcer siad I had jmubeld up my wrods!

Aer yuo bilnd I cierd! Myabe you sohlud cnoisedr galses ifnornt of tohse eeys. So he sneds me to an eudacitonal pysscoligst woh siad my dsyelxia was sveree adn nnoe of my wrods wree celar. I siad his osbvertaions wree srtnage and his tsets qeuer.

I aecpcetd the lpatop, slod it and bghou...

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Passing Over

He walks down a road

a dusty road

endlessly long

a scream

quiet earth

earthly scream

Shattered walls

the sky falls

"Stop this train!" He shouted

"I want to vacate"

"Too late" the dead conductor called

"This train has already crashed"

"Into the past!"

"Would you like to join me? I have a grave for us. It is vast"

He made his way down the road

Two wild dogs walked at his sides

he dru...

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Footsteps on the veranda

Footsteps on the pavement

Footsteps to the end of the road

Walking towards your dream

you couldn't let go 

Your fairytale dreams

follow them with your feet

Searching through unmarked boxes

In painted scenes

for your diamond dreams


Footsteps through the courtyard

Footsteps down the marble stairs

will you wait for me there?

Tell me if your going t...

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The Lizard King

Last night I shared a bottle of whiskey with Jim Morrison

he brought acid to the table

we may have been surrounded by indians

his soul jumped into mine

I had a vision of an ancient burial ground

I saw chaeos

He showed me a planet

"They have yet to find this" he said

He called it "Intemperance"

"We bring no wealth here" He said

"Wealth is good for one thing only. Dissipation."

He introdu...

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Gift of Words

When the earths starts to shake,

knocking you down,

cutting the delicateness of your sides.

Pick yourself up

and walk towards

a fresh open door in your mind.


The steps may be high

and the roads may be long

but something somewhere's got to give

and when you finally achieve

what for so long has been your dream

you can hold your head up in pride


The melody plays

to offer you praise


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A dogger and a swinger

"Mrs Robinson, where is your daughter off to?"

"Oh, she's off to meet a stranger in a bush."

"Mrs Robinson, is that not dangerous?"

"No, not at all" She exclaimed "Lots of other strangers go there too! Come here I'll show you!"

"Mrs Robinson it seems strange"

"Not at all, its like an internet community."

"Mrs Robinson are you deranged? It looks alot like dogging!"

"No, I don't think so" She...

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Love and the rest

Delightfully marked with the pictures of love

it takes the shape of a drunken dove

you love to watch the sun go down

watching it come up makes our faces turn brown

I can see that every scar has history

and every wound has its own story

and even though its a thing of the past

I must caress so the pain doesn't last


Love and the rest

so easy to use

Love and the rest

So easy to lose



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An eternity in the hole

I saw razor sharp hills

tried to climb over

they cut my sides

I saw a dark ocean

swam across with my sins

it drowned my conscience

Please let me in

Please let me in


Spent too long in this hole

with the scattered brains of the ancient world


Depression was my friend

understood me so well

the time we spent

writing till he goes

his pain my prose


Ideas he'd have

ideas he'd ta...

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Unborn Child Of The World

Unborn child of the world

you could have been the world

9 months you were alive

long enough to make us cry

your soul has never died

your memories still alive

You know this life is obsurd

your life it did not deserve


Unborn child of the world

you know your welcome to return

in anyone you choose

another entity if you prefer

I hope to see you there


Unborn child of the world

you ha...

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The Devil May Cry

The devil may cry

the devil may cry, tonight

he realised

he's despised

responsible for persicution and


Wishing he was by God's side


You've been,

by his side

now your leaving to conquer

your fears

as you leave

you can hear his tears

You doing him wrong

as we all should

drag his name, through

the ancient mud



He went down to georgia,

wasn't welcome,

cast him away ...

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Freedomless Train

Were on that train again,

stained windows and

yesterdays kiss

been here before

windowless soul and

tomorrows kiss

conversing about lust,

destiny and trust


The time will pass again

when you must decide

between freedom and



Are you sure, that you

would like to stay?

Paint me a picture

chase this train away


Well darkness comes and

it goes away

time to choose between


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Lonely Friend

I take it you don’t want to be here anymore

Your life will be much shorter than we thought

And as you put the last one in your mouth

You don’t give a thought to anyone else!


Has it come down to this my lonely friend?

Is life not treating you well again?


I take it you don’t want to suffer anymore

You’re not so carefree as we thought

And as you put the last one in your mouth

You think...

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We walked across the lawn

Through the fields of roses without thorns

Wandered peacefully, aimlessly

Taking every little thing as it comes

A magpie dances circles around our toes

The gentle breeze blows

Your hair into my face, it tickles my nose


Minus the plants and the trees

Minus the gentle breeze

Minus every single thing and you still have us


Are you happy with what you see?


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Broken Down

Broken down over thoughts of what could have been

Broken down over thoughts of what should have been

We stopped dead like a broken train,

That should have found its way to some beautiful terrain


Everything has stopped like a broken clock

Unable to read time, but it hasn’t forgot

Their song no longer plays on forever

The acquiesce of no more times together


Up in the sky the mockingbi...

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Sunday Night Blues


Scared to sleep,

 I’m afraid I may stop breathing

Scared to sleep,

 afraid someone next to me may stop breathin’

When I’m finally asleep

 I’m paralysed

Try to call out for help,

but I’m asleep,

 you can’t hear my cries

Eyes are open. I’m awake

Have I been asleep at all, was it a dream or real?


I can already feel Monday morning blues getting closer to me,

Creeping like a ghost I ...

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God and The Giant



To the city of imperfection

The city awaits your presence

Your beautiful body enters

Your soul is close by

We’ll soon have a city of angels

Goodbye to that putrid essence




And the Giant


Control the kingdom

They were enemies of late

But put their differences behind

They welcome you at the gate

The giant may scoop you up

Onto his shoulder, God sits on the other


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and the pain they bring


At night when

you should be safe asleep

Don’t cry, your safe with me

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Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel


Never really had anything to be proud of

did you?

Never really had anything sacred

did you?

Guess you never had much at all

But you were an angel and you fell to heaven

Now we have less

and you have more


Fallen angel did he catch you?

Did he greet you with a smile?


Are you glad that you left?

Or do you wish you’d stayed a while?


Fallen angel did he catch you...

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When world is all empty

See the world that doesn’t see you

When you blind and can’t see

See what doesn’t see you


When your deaf and can’t hear

The things that keep you true

Listen to only what is clear

And hear what is right for you


And when your lost in a vacuum

A vaccum that does not suit you

Love the space that fits a truth

A truth that respects you


Sometimes it does get l...

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My Eulogy



Ive lived on the edge, I've walked the line, I jumped off the plank and into the fire, i've watched you live and i've watched you die,i've seen you laugh and i've seen you cry, smelled your hair and kissed your eyes, but I want more to my surpirse. Its written on the moon, it's written in the stars, it's written that the world is ours. We can walk the valleys of life, swim the oceans ...

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Why don’t you tell the truth,

I know you don’t want to be here,

So why do you pretend you do.

Isn’t it confusingly brilliant,

How you do the things that annoy me

When were in the ruins of an argument

Why is your technology so loud?

Why does it drown out my music?

Why does it make you feel proud?


Your ways are confusingly brilliant

Your thinking is nothing short of risiliant




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Manic Depressive

I’m a manic depressive,

You’re an obsessive compulsive

I’m on a come down, your cleaning the house

Down but always clean

You’re too clean but never down

We have a mutual understanding

We won’t peak at the same time


Ambitions of being poet laureate

Next thing I’m trapped inside my mind

The hills and the sun are escaping

Thing I might hitch a ride

The sea and the coast are elo...

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Slaves And The Homeless

Many goals I wish to do

Will destiny let me see them through

What a disaster that could be for me and you

I wanna travel the world on a jet ski

Crawl around the north pole on my hands and kness

Rescue me my muse when I begin to freeze

U ever hear the story about the homeless guy?

He always had a thoughtful ear but couldn’t smile

Slaves suggest he get a job

I told him he was the son of God


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This is Salford, Manchester, where do I go?


Rain, wind sleet or snow?


This is Salford, Manchester, where do I go?


I’m lost in these streets

Im squashed by the cars

Im blocked by the buses

Trapped between the crowds, the herds of people

They risk their lives to gain a second


Crazy people

The man has not turned green

You don’t stop for cars

Why would they stop for you?



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Do you mind if I don't watch you die?

I can hear you looking at me

I can see your about to leave

But do you mind if I just sit with a cup of coffee balanced on my knee

I can’t bare to see

As you leave me


I can watch the heavens fall from the sky

And I can watch the flowers die

I don’t mind seeing the last dove fly

But do you mind, do you mind do you mind…

If I don’t watch you die


I will hold your hand, one last time


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Cheer Up Broken Heart



You can cry yourself to sleep, You can stay in just to weep

I know they broke your heart, they tore it right apart

But know you’re a fine specimen of a human being

they just couldn’t see what they were leaving

You can travel alone, take care of yourself

But don’t be alone, because the alone are alone

Take your time but don’t forget about love

Those who don’t love, probably aren’t love...

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21st century love story



Two in a scalf and two in a coat

This is the story of a duck and a goat

They walked for miles without a care in the world

Because he was her man and she was his girl

Arm in arm and hand in hand

They kissed in the streets and prayed for the sand

Their they would find a bar and a drink

Where they would sit and exchange the odd wink


They pretended for months that they wasn’t in love


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a to b


Looking at the pictures of my broken dreams

Trying to work out my life,

Are they as far away as it seems

Looking at the fixtures, of the plans I have

Am I going about things the right away?

Is this the right way to act?

So now I'm drawing out a map

Of my future and past

Where to go, where to avoid

Sign along the dotted line, may this contract not go void

Shake hands with my alter ego


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The Hall/Heaven And Hell



Nobody panic,

please form a single file

and move silently through the dark hall,

pass the mirrors that bear no reflection,

pass the ancient greek statue that watches you as you walk

pass man size scorpion that guards the treasure

the crazy patterned carpet may move from under your feet,

listen to the steel drum that demands our attention

walk towards the maelstrom that will ta...

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I Love The Night

I love to catch the day, just as it ends

The night floating eagerly

When there is a beautiful silence

A tender blue sky

Some street lamps lit

Others still sleep peacefully

I love the aroma that glides through my senses

Left by the tender fall of rain

Cars drift by,

As gentle as the clouds in the sky

Not even the roadworks pollute this moment with noise

They add a certain romanticism

I ...

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READ THIS!: Unique Pen for sale to all Poets

Last week I bought a new pen, it’s beautiful

A subtle silver with a gold lid

If Shakespeare had had this pen

He may have wrote poetry even more influential than he did

But there is one problem….

My pen has a mind of its own!


Last night I wanted to write about my late Nanna’s cat that would flap the letter box when he wanted to come in

But my pen wrote about a sex marathon he had with a p...

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So you think you’ve won the fight

So you think you kept me awake tonight

The battle may be won but the war is eternal

You can’t scar me and your marks aren’t fatal


What an itchy, itchy son of a bitch

How does a human live with this

am I the victim of some kind of curse

can it be broken, can it get worse


you bastard cunt, you bastard cunt,

why do you spread when my nails a...

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Angel With No Wings

Late nights, so like late cries

Like the angel with tears in her eyes

She wept for a day that might be ours

She wept for the dawn that was so close

She fell from that place in that familiar pose

Found her wings had vanished

                                                      God claimed one of the famished

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Coat Of Arms (To Kym)

Don't let the sun blind you

Don't let the wind shake you

And don't let the thunder scare you

Coz tonight I'll be holding you in my arms

Don't worry bout the sky

Where the stars are and how high

Forget about those demons ruinin your life

Coz tonight I'll be holding you in my arms

Don't cry yourself to sleep

Coz i'll stroke your eyes to sleep

Don't worry, this is for keeps

Forget about th...

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Good morning beautiful day, Did you sleep well?

Or in your nightmares did you dwell

I woke up and heard you trying to escape

You hated the night, it felt like rape


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Pain On Earth, Laughter In Heaven

Pain on earth, laughter in heaven


Take my hand, step outside into the night,

Into the darkness that never dies,

Don’t fight the zombies that walk coz you cant win,

Help me to fight my demons that lurke within

Don’t let the cries of the dead get you down

Their in the idyllic they don’t miss this town

Your tears become laughter in heaven

I felt her pain die in death and she was reborn aga...

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