Love and the rest

Delightfully marked with the pictures of love

it takes the shape of a drunken dove

you love to watch the sun go down

watching it come up makes our faces turn brown

I can see that every scar has history

and every wound has its own story

and even though its a thing of the past

I must caress so the pain doesn't last


Love and the rest

so easy to use

Love and the rest

So easy to lose


A drink and a dance in your favourite club

dancing around in the shapes of lust

the stairs are a challenge you love to take

the sun has gone down so your tan is fake

you like to wear shoes that make it difficult to walk

you seem to attract guys that like to stalk


Love and the rest

so easy to use

Love and the rest

so easy to abuse


The smile on your face, is easy to kiss

there is a playground right on your lips

in the blink of an eye you could be gone

leaving three words on the tip of my tongue

so I make the most of time we share

Love and the rest you better beware


Love and the rest

so easy to use

Love and the rest

on our piece of the moon


Restaurants and beer gardens

we dance around

hotels and bus shelters

in the front of our minds

you lean for attention

with a look of mischief

mobile videos make me easy to reach

I imagine walking around in your shoes

battling with staircases and spilling brews

its a crime to ignore you of that I'm aware

to keep your smile we have blankets we share


Love and the rest

not easy to find

Love and the rest

in the front of our minds


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<Deleted User> (5646)

Mon 7th Jul 2008 20:54

Aw, the memory it brings back of a youthful time of life. Thankyou.
Enjoy your young days of loving Richard, and i hope they are very pain free for you.

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