I Love The Night

I love to catch the day, just as it ends

The night floating eagerly

When there is a beautiful silence

A tender blue sky

Some street lamps lit

Others still sleep peacefully

I love the aroma that glides through my senses

Left by the tender fall of rain

Cars drift by,

As gentle as the clouds in the sky

Not even the roadworks pollute this moment with noise

They add a certain romanticism

I hope everyone has experienced a moment like this

These moments write the masterpieces

is this the creation of a muse?

I love these empty streets

I love my loneliness

I want to walk forever

Only can freedom exist in this tranquillity

Losing my feelings of existentialism

Yet my existentialism encourages me to walk further

Further into the gentle night

This is mind expansion

I have not the time to write how I feel

Or the words

I love that no tears can be shed tonight

The world is all cried out

I love this night

I love the night

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clarissa mckone

Sun 20th Apr 2008 04:56

HI Richard,
Loved the poem!

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Alison Mary Dunn

Sat 19th Apr 2008 10:56

Richard, I loved you poem so much. Your words have taken me completely to those times 'quite often' when I have felt like this. It reminded me of walking home in the autumn rain at night. My bike had a puncture so all I could do was walk with it through a flooded tree lined street where countless leaves had fallen and traffic literally sped by and splashed the puddles on me.
I was in that moment and didn't give a damn. It was amazing. You're poem has all of this.

Please don't stop putting those thoughts down on that mobile!


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Jeff Dawson

Sat 19th Apr 2008 08:35

Hi Richard, this is marvellous!! Night is a time I like and I felt like I was there.

Thanx for comment on my poem, Punk's not Dead, even if the Queen is!! Cheers Jeff

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Richard Brooks

Fri 18th Apr 2008 15:12

hope you like his poem everyone! I wrote it on my mobile while walking home from uni. Poetry should be written in second hand books with a fountain pen but all mine seem to originate on my mobile phone! lol

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