Fate has no say, no authority
he is a silent witness in the courtroom
When you stand between two doors
pondering potential
fate will not steer you in any direction


Fate has no say, no authority
when you have come to the end of your journey
your finger fiddling with the maps oppurtunities
fate will not steer your finger in any direction


Fate has no say, no authority
A clock steals seconds, minutes, hours
the earths axis turns day to night
but fate has no hand on the wheel


Fate has no say, no authority
you are a puppet and a puppeteer
you are the controlled and the controller
But fate has no say no authority


Fate is a strangers face amongst costumed charlatans
who carefully design their smiles and frowns
an actor in the theatre of chance
As you decide your next footstep on the road of ritual
fate shall not steer you in any direction


Fate has no say, no authority
you are the master in the maze of choice
Fate is fateless
he is a dead end road with no return
a fake, a phony


Fate has no say, no authority


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<Deleted User> (5693)

Sat 10th Jan 2009 01:55

Hi I love it yes Fate has no say we can change our destiny at any given time x

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Jeff Dawson

Tue 16th Sep 2008 15:15

You are the master in a maze of choice -

Love that line and its an interesting concept or paradox, as you say if it doesn't exist could you write about it?

yours, confused, Bolton

<Deleted User> (5646)

Tue 9th Sep 2008 19:16

Ah! Who says fate is of the male gender?
Personally i think she's a bitch!

Apart from that. Fate is following your destiny.
So depending on whether or not you follow the intuitive guidance from inside yourself. Fate becomes good or evil.
That's fate!

Oh well. So i've been told anyway.
That line in your poem about being the controlled and the controller is so very true.
We either allow people and things to control us and our destiny / fate, or we don't.
That's fate. Master it.

Forgot to say, love this thought provoking piece from you.
Hello, by the way.
Love Janet.xx

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Richard Brooks

Tue 9th Sep 2008 16:34

Yes Darren its basically a poem saying that believe that fate decides everything if anything... this is a paradox in itself I guess because this would mean fate doesn't exist so how can I write a poem about it!

darren thomas

Tue 9th Sep 2008 11:03

Hi Richard - At first I was a little confused as to what the message was. Is that the paradox of not recognizing 'fate' and its concept.
Yeah, fate is indeed a funny 'un. Let me think about this for a while...

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