So you think you’ve won the fight

So you think you kept me awake tonight

The battle may be won but the war is eternal

You can’t scar me and your marks aren’t fatal


What an itchy, itchy son of a bitch

How does a human live with this

am I the victim of some kind of curse

can it be broken, can it get worse


you bastard cunt, you bastard cunt,

why do you spread when my nails are blunt

why do you break when my nails are sharp

who was your first victim, where did you start


deploy your army, I will deploy mine

what is your weapon, what is mine

what will be lost, what will be won

who is the stronger, who will overcome



will we have an understanding over time

could there be a truce, could peace shine

will you let me sleep and my skin not weep

or will your hate continue to dig skin deep

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<Deleted User> (4281)

Thu 10th Apr 2008 07:03

Hello, Richard - I agree with both Poets before me it is sad painful and the question is why it happens to some people. What is the cause of such illness? Your poem flows so well.
Excellent write!

Warm Regards,

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clarissa mckone

Thu 10th Apr 2008 04:13

HI Richard, its so painful to read about it. I have seen such bad cases of it, the pain and itch of it all. I read once its due to an internal imbalance, not sure how ture that is. good poem!

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