Gift of Words

When the earths starts to shake,

knocking you down,

cutting the delicateness of your sides.

Pick yourself up

and walk towards

a fresh open door in your mind.


The steps may be high

and the roads may be long

but something somewhere's got to give

and when you finally achieve

what for so long has been your dream

you can hold your head up in pride


The melody plays

to offer you praise

for achievments you recently made.

The sun no longer attacks

and stops you in your tracks

it is safe to come out of the shade.


Trapped by the chains

you wished freedom remained

don't let your life become 9 to 5

get up break free

a nomad you could be

make your own decisions in this life


They forced you to be

someone your not

and now your someone you hate

You wanted the freedom

to choose your meaning

but they decided your fate

But they'll beat and curse you

hoping you'll come around

to the fascist ideologies they churn

A sheep you are not

you scatter from the flock

and never will you return


Some people they go

to greath lenghs to show

they are like nobody else

With identity stripped

and self conscious whipped

they get hairstyles they come to regret

Some others they try

to be just like

who they think they should be

When alienation hits

they wish they were like that

and no longer like this


In your decisions you made

you decided not to conform

and you did it all on your own

When you spoke your mind

you refused to relinquish your pride

and never did you perform


And sometimes you tried

but seemed to get nowhere

it was not your fault I swear

Only time will reveal

if you can be healed

or if you are scarred for life


Your alienation did not wish to leave

your heart longed for your sleeve

and the parrots of society offered its pliers

But you could not believe

in a world which made you grieve

and you chose not get tangled up in their wires


Sometimes somethings are

just the way they are

and nothing we do makes for change

But you battled on

like a knight not a pawn

getting stronger with the pain


You made the best

when you had less than the rest

every house begins with a single brick

You built an empire

immune from the fire

it is you that made the cement stick

Within it you built a home

to keep your family warm

and your grandchildren safe from the streets

It's stairs aen't too high

there is only darkness at night

this means you can finally sleep


The world was a fake

you could not relate

it pleases me to finally see you smile

your wrinkled skin

holds no pain within

the miles you walked are worthwhile


You had met a ghost

at the end of a tunnel

who said your time was close

But you don't necessarily believe

what they want you to see

that is why your stronger than most


And now you stand at the gates

as fortunes await

with your head held up high

And though you'll be gone

we'll celebrate you in song

and tell tales of your life


My words to you

though they ring true

will probobly disappear with the fog

but they have been spoken

and words can't be broken

that is my gift to you


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Jeff Dawson

Wed 9th Jul 2008 00:22

Hi Richard, wow, gift of words, can say that again, nice one - love these lines -

You built an empire
immune from the fire
it is you that made the cement stick
Within it you built a home
to keep your family warm
and your grandchildren safe from the streets

A lot of it sounds like the last couple of years I've had, a lot of it down to me, but hopefully better now, cheers Jeff

PS Did you read my 'I Love the morning'? cheers

<Deleted User> (5646)

Mon 7th Jul 2008 20:25

Hi Richard, i'm sure by now you've realized i am a fan of your work. I can relate to this piece in several ways to parts of my own life.
I don't think the title does it justice though.
Hope you don't mind me stating my opinion here.

I feel this is a kind of eulogy, a tribute to a survivor of hard times. Someone very close to you as well.
As usual, i very much enjoyed reading your work. Janet.x

Shirley Collinge

Mon 7th Jul 2008 18:38

And what a gift! Very thought proving and powerful.

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