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On the first day, God created cocaine

He had to try sample it of course

"Thoust who sniff this shall frazzle their brain!"

But just to make sure he tried it again


On the seconbd day, he created women

he had to sample of course

"Curse them who do this act outside marriage!"

On the second day God was married


Day 3, one of his finest, he created man!

"Let him be as strong as I am!"

"He will create then destroy the world!"

"and he shall overuse cocaine and girls!"


The fourth was ingenius, he created heaven

"This shall be my eternal home!"

"Those who behave shall dwell in this place"

"Those who rave shall clean this place!"


On the fifth day God had a rest

he got bored and discovered oral sex

"Any person who doth perform on their knees!"

"Shall be ridden with a contagious disease!"


On day 6 he wrote the bible

"People must know how great I was!"

"I will create a prophet to spread the word!"

"So people know I created their world!"


On the final day he took it off

Got extremely bored and created day time tv

"This be for students and the unemployed!"

"As pointless as them, the world's void!"

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Jeff Dawson

Fri 15th Aug 2008 21:11

Brilliant, made me laugh, there'll be rioting in the aisles and the pews over this!! Love Darrens comment, day 5 sounds favourite for me! Ha great write cheers Ffejarama!!

darren thomas

Fri 15th Aug 2008 10:05

I can see those bishops now - bashing themselves into a frenzy over this.

<Deleted User> (5646)

Fri 15th Aug 2008 08:01

Yeah, sounds about right.

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