Taste The Day

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Today I tasted fear

as they came and took me away

soldiering me to the car

that sour taste will stay

every night I must consume in this hell, reminding me of that day


Today I tasted authority

as they threw me down onto my cell

sniggering as they did so

that revolting taste and smell

every morning I wake, to the stench of hell


Today I tasted injustice

as he slammed down his gavel, follwed by

sounds of applause

torturing my senses was a sickening taste

eating away at my stomach, as my life came to waste


Today I tasted pain

again again again

somebody was beating me

the taste of blood stained

every inch of me screamed in agaonising pain


Today I tasted depression

an overwhelming urge of suicide

so close I came aswell

then a sweet moment of clarity, the urge to battle on

every inch of me became strong, to prove they hadn't won


Today I tasted freedom

as I saw the prison from the outside

swimming away from injustice, depression, fear and pain

the world is my banquet, new emotions to find

every taste now like a blue moon rise


Today I tasted justice

authority has prevailed, they

sent the guilty to jail and cleared my name

they roused my appetite, butterflies inside

everyday now, has new feasts to find





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<Deleted User> (5646)

Wed 13th Aug 2008 16:34

Hey, no. I didn't immediately see that.Very well thought out Richard. Have you entered it into the scribble writing competition?

If you try changing all the first letters to capitals, it might be seen more easily.
Good sense of injustice to justice poem.

Love Janet.xx

ps. hope it's not autobiographical.

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Richard Brooks

Wed 13th Aug 2008 13:04

Did anyone notice that the start of each line spells taste in the stanza? I was going to make the letters bigger to stand out but thought this rather a fake thing to do

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