Pain On Earth, Laughter In Heaven

Pain on earth, laughter in heaven


Take my hand, step outside into the night,

Into the darkness that never dies,

Don’t fight the zombies that walk coz you cant win,

Help me to fight my demons that lurke within

Don’t let the cries of the dead get you down

Their in the idyllic they don’t miss this town

Your tears become laughter in heaven

I felt her pain die in death and she was reborn again


It will take more than death to kill her soul,

The power of her life will make god feel small

Laugh in the face of evil, smile in the face of hurt

Only in death will we really know what were worth

But right now its not your time to go

So make the most of all you have and all you know


Take your time when you walk down a path that seems to go on forever

Admire the sights admire the lights admire the stormy weather

Don’t repress a single step even the ones you think you will regret

Take all you can and know you can donate whatevers left

So this is a promise to all that you will never feel small if you stand up tall

                               And when the shit gets you down be humbled that your around

◄ Dying Poet

Nightmare ►


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