Dsyelxic? I tihnk not!

I worte a peom teh ohter day, I was vrey uspet I hvae to say, wehn my taehcer siad I had jmubeld up my wrods!

Aer yuo bilnd I cierd! Myabe you sohlud cnoisedr galses ifnornt of tohse eeys. So he sneds me to an eudacitonal pysscoligst woh siad my dsyelxia was sveree adn nnoe of my wrods wree celar. I siad his osbvertaions wree srtnage and his tsets qeuer.

I aecpcetd the lpatop, slod it and bghout a bkie and I cnointue to wirte.

I fgiure the wrold is a srtnage palce, our eixtsnece as asbrud as rnnunig bcakawrds in a rcae.

I cnoisedr msylef to be a shcloar, a pihlsopoher and a peot. And smoe siut tires to sgugset im' dsyelxic and too arorngat to konw it. If yuor raeidng tihs tehn ovbouilsy you wlil arege wtih me, I wirte jsut fnie, you wlil hvae no porbelm raednig my wrods.

I do lvoe my nwe bkie, one tihng deos wrory me tohugh, evreynoe is dirivng on the worng sdie of the raod!

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Andy N

Mon 25th Aug 2008 20:38

I suffer from Dyspraxia m8 which is a more extreme verison of Dylsexia, and from my muddled up head I love this! Perhaps next time I cock up writing my poetry, I should leave it to confuse people even more - lol

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Jeff Dawson

Mon 4th Aug 2008 01:24

I will have to have another look Richard when I'm on train, it was highlighting dyslexia in some context but can't remember if it was just raising awareness.

Good to hear you're back look forward to more of your work, and will appreciate your comments. Didn't know you did films as well, nice one! cheers Jeff

<Deleted User> (5646)

Sun 3rd Aug 2008 22:41

Ha ha, even though i know it's not funny for a dyslexic.
" it took me a while to figure out "strange,"
but strnage this one definitely is.

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Jeff Dawson

Sun 3rd Aug 2008 17:40

Hi Richard, on yer bike! I wondered where you had been!! Good fun, cheers Jeff

There's been some similar dyslexic adverts on the train station.

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