Its only race man

You like to label people with race and colour

he’s a black this

he’s a jew

isn’t it about time we labelled you

yellow man this

asian man that

your even afraid of your ginger cat

hate 2 pac but listen to rap

3 times a week on the sun bed to get a tan

but you hate everything about the black man

time ’s up brother time to decide your colour

show your face, lets  decide your race


Keep clear the racist man is near

with his white flag and Jamaican beer

he cant grasp the roots of rock

thinks the white man are to thank for his guitar and socks

says he’s 100%per cent british down to his knees

But I’ve seen his family tree

he’s no more British than mohammad ali


He’s first to have an opinion on foreigners in England

turns a blind eye when a black man knocks one in for England

time’s up brother whose your mother?

whose your dads father?

whose your grandfathers brother?


Racist man the time is near

your thoughts are clouded have another beer

stick on a rap record, enjoy the rythme and the beat

but only vanilla ice gets you to your feet

chill out man its only race

if you only like white people stop tanning your face!

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Jeff Dawson

Thu 5th Feb 2009 20:46

Hi Richard, happy new year!

I'm just catching up with stuff. Really like this, sends a clear message to bigots who really don't think about what they preach.

If only they got involved with people of different races etc they would be a lot better off! Cheers Jeff

<Deleted User>

Wed 24th Dec 2008 10:49

With all respect, i think a subject like this has to be tackled with the greatest tact and it is not easy to do. Remember your readership /audience and convey anger or whatever it is in an indirect way that will leave them pondering over it for a long time afterwards. I think it's a great subject and relevant.

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Gus Jonsson

Tue 23rd Dec 2008 11:41

Agree with Paul.... to be a Jew....Jewish a religion....albeit I have no right to be a jew by birth...Jewish off spring have exclusive adoption to the faith would be adjudged.... by a rabbi after a long undertaking
of understanding the culture and the very tight bonds of tradition and religion.
Yes, I Know Gus..... Church Of England ..but a nice boy...


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Chris Dawson

Tue 23rd Dec 2008 10:52

There is a story I heard (probably apocryphal, but who cares?) that Albert Einstein was filling in a form, there were the usual q's (name, age, etc.) followed by a blank space to put the answer in. The last question was Race: Einstein wrote 'Human Being'.
Largely with Paul re religion does not constitute race; and whilst I'm aware that the term 'race' is generally used to signify ethnicity - I'd like to point out that there is only one human race on this planet - homo sapiens sapiens - us!

And can I also recommend a poem called Half Caste by John Agard.


<Deleted User> (5593)

Tue 23rd Dec 2008 10:27

The only problem I have with the poem is
equating "Jew" with race.

There seems to be a growing movement to include religion within race discrimination which, in my view, is totally erroneous.

The whole point of legislation to try to change views about race, sex and age is posited on the fact that people cannot do anything about their skin colour, ethnicity, sex or age.

This is not the case with religion.

No one is born a Jew, Christian, Moslem, Bhuddist etc. They chose the religion they follow.

I'm not arguing for religious intolerance, far from it, but, a belief system is significantly distinct from innate differences in people. As such, religious beliefs and, perhaps more importantly, practices can and should be challenged, not only by atheists, like myself, but by believers themselves.

Finally, I believe that if religion is included in such legislation then so should other hobbies such as train-spotting and stamp collecting (we need to be protected too!).

<Deleted User> (5646)

Tue 23rd Dec 2008 09:54

I'll avoid singing the blues for this one Richard.
This is a great come-back for you.
Great to see a poem of yours, even though i know it's probably short term, so to speak.

Love Janet.x

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Alison Mary Dunn

Tue 23rd Dec 2008 08:48

Go Richard go! Love the cutting last line, so true. I can see 'Skinny Man' spitting bars to this one and many a stand up comedian smiling to themselves. Definately one for the stage!!

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clarissa mckone

Tue 23rd Dec 2008 05:18

Great poem, Im not sure all people like to play the race game. But I will say in their defence, that its been done since recorded time, and its difficult not to notice anothers skin color or hair color.Many of us do notice these things and its not meant in a negative way.I have been attacked for my color, my hair color, my lack of a tan.I have seen the race card played here in America, and its sad, it shows just what level of intelligence, is being used. I would rather not listen to rap. I find most of it very offensive and derogatory to females.The tanning of skin is really unhealthy, and promotes cancer and ages the skin. I know of those you speak of, they are here, but not as many as the news would have you think.The media loves to play the race card and blow things up and cause trouble. great poem!

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winston plowes

Mon 22nd Dec 2008 21:50

Hi Richard..
Lots of true comparisons in this poem..would go down well live I think...

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