A dogger and a swinger

"Mrs Robinson, where is your daughter off to?"

"Oh, she's off to meet a stranger in a bush."

"Mrs Robinson, is that not dangerous?"

"No, not at all" She exclaimed "Lots of other strangers go there too! Come here I'll show you!"

"Mrs Robinson it seems strange"

"Not at all, its like an internet community."

"Mrs Robinson are you deranged? It looks alot like dogging!"

"No, I don't think so" She said to me

"We have not a dog you see"

"Mrs Robinson. Where is your daughter going?"

"She's off to a party with her boyfriend. Where only couples can attend"

"Mrs Robinson that sounds like swinging? Are you not shocked she is going?!"

"No. It is nothing of the sort. It was recommended to her by a nice friend. She likes to go on weekends."

"Mrs Robinson. Where has your daughter been? She has Just come in wearing a suit made of rubber!"

"Oh she's a keen clubber in the evening, her choice of material is just rubber. She's always enjoyed fancy dress! She said they sometimes play games, where they tie each other up in chains. Sounds like fun, would you like to come?"

"Mrs Robinson." I sighed "If you where to go there, I think the sight may hurt your eyes! People will be doing things, with things, to one another, in rubber. Private things, rude things, with vibrating things!"

Mrs Robinson disappeared into the room next door. She returned dressed front to back in a latex suit and leather knee high boots. "It runs in the family." She teased "We have the nympho gene of fettish needs which I need your help to relieve!"

I couldn't believe my eyes! Like mother like daughter. Jackpot. What a nice surprise!

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Tue 8th Jul 2008 13:36

Mrs. Robinson is MY slag. So lay OFF her. [ Being of a poetic turn of mind she is well versed in the erotic arts and together we produce much sprung rhythm]

<Deleted User> (5090)

Mon 7th Jul 2008 21:06

Ha ha ha that's great

<Deleted User> (5646)

Mon 7th Jul 2008 20:40

Hiya Richard.
What i want to know is, was Mrs Robinson a dog-gerrr. Or perhaps she just got down like one.

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Jeff Dawson

Mon 7th Jul 2008 20:30

Hi Richard, hope this is a true story, ha!!

A bit of a diversion or perversion from your usual stuff, but nothing wrong with that!

It's brilliantly written as a conversation, cheers Jeff

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