Passing Over

He walks down a road

a dusty road

endlessly long

a scream

quiet earth

earthly scream

Shattered walls

the sky falls

"Stop this train!" He shouted

"I want to vacate"

"Too late" the dead conductor called

"This train has already crashed"

"Into the past!"

"Would you like to join me? I have a grave for us. It is vast"

He made his way down the road

Two wild dogs walked at his sides

he drunk the blood of a bird of prey

ate the remains of the hot day

one of the dogs looked up

it said "Do you know who you are? We know who you are?"

Further he walked

the further away he was

An overturned truck

it reeked of death

7 faces stare

one is still alive

He shook hands with the devil

he offered him a bribe

eternal riches for the other 7 lives

He walked past his mother and father

"Son, your a disappointment!"


He saw his childhood sweetheart and they...

He saw his second childhood sweetheart and they...

he saw his wife and they...


he saw his mistress and they wed

"Stop!" Screamed the wild dogs "Marriage is a prelude to divorce"


The road turns into a snake

The serpeant is his spiritual father

He looked up to the clouds

They bore his face

"Continue!" They screamed "Your still alive!"

In the distance, a figure

a familiar silhouette

The silhouette is death

"I've been expecting you"


"How would you like to die?"

"I want to die on a hollow stone, I want to die competely alone, to music that eats my soul, want rats to gouge out my eyes, want these wild dogs to feast on my insides, I want an angel to fuck my soul, I want to be awake through it all."


"Are you sure this is how you'd like to die?"

"How would you like to die?"

"I want my tears to drown me alive, I want to feel pain when I die, want my death to go unknown, want my soul to sit on a thrown, to rule a kingdom on my own, forbidden vices I would like to have, want to see my life pass by in a flash."


"Are you sure this is how you'd like to die? I will ask you one more time. How would you like to die?"


"I want to die in your arms, to the sound of passing cars, with my bride, with my childhood sweetheart, with my soulchild runnin wild."

"Welcome to the spirit world"


◄ Footsteps

Dsyelxic? I tihnk not! ►


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Jeff Dawson

Sat 12th Jul 2008 00:21

I'm just catching up (been a busy week with Interpol on Tuesday and Mia's Below the Belt play last night), and will have to read this again.

Another interesting concept and I'm not sure whether I think it should be a poem or short story, or whether it matters! I love some of the lines in it anyway, ignore my ramblings and keep up the good work, cheers Jeffarambling!


Fri 11th Jul 2008 12:00

Well if i decide i want to die laughing, i will remember your immortal words.
Absolutely brilliant richard!!!
I love everything about this poem. Although as Zuzanna says, it really is much more.

The only change i would make is perhaps altering "scream," for Aaaaargh!
Or something similar but it was in my head anyway.
Love Janet.xx

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Zuzanna Musial

Thu 10th Jul 2008 20:07

Richard, I see my spelling mistake there..It should read DRAMA' - Sorry.


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Zuzanna Musial

Thu 10th Jul 2008 20:06

Hello, Richard

Your poem has deep emotional base. Well written in a form to be presented in a open microphone and on the stage. It is a play and a dramt as well. You have captured the most trgic feeling of a person who is dying. It shows the feeling of passages in his life the love girfriend, wife divorce, a mistress etc...I see this partially as a dark write. Well arranged and written with a passion of a true poet -Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for the comment on my latest” Beautiful Life”poem.
I appreciate your comments.

Warm Regards,

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