A large room
immaculately clean
a single chair
an imprint of someone who used to sit there


The empty book case
still the faint musky smell of old pages
a loose bracket with a screw missing
the unstained patch on the wall
where a framed photo once glistened


Flowered curtains stained by cigarrette smoke
the room is silent, quiet
you can hear the faint memory of unconditional laughter
impressions on the carpet from where the table once stood
nostalgic rings decorate the oak wood


A cleared room
still keeps it possessions
a cleared room
still has its memories intact
a cleared room
never empty with platonic love written on the walls
invisible hand prints from when the child first crawled


I wonder who will live here next?
what colourful memories will they paint?
what music and sounds will fill the silence?
one last look, gently close its soft cotton eye-lids

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Jeff Dawson

Sat 23rd Aug 2008 12:31

Hi Richard

good stuff, I think we all want to leave some mark, there was some writing on the wall under the paper when I was decorating from a child who used to live here. Very well described, felt there with you, cheers jeff

Ieuan Cilgwri

Thu 21st Aug 2008 15:30

Very evocative and good underlying message. Thanks for sharing.

<Deleted User> (5646)

Thu 21st Aug 2008 14:29

Oh, how poignant.
This paints pictures in my mind and evokes memories of when i was house hunting.
The imprints of previous occupants in every room became my decider of whether or not to put in an offer.

Strangely enough, the feeling of wanting to remove all my own imprints from the home i shared with my husband, all came flooding back.
Very weird.

Thanks, love Janet.xx

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