Why don’t you tell the truth,

I know you don’t want to be here,

So why do you pretend you do.

Isn’t it confusingly brilliant,

How you do the things that annoy me

When were in the ruins of an argument

Why is your technology so loud?

Why does it drown out my music?

Why does it make you feel proud?


Your ways are confusingly brilliant

Your thinking is nothing short of risiliant



Why do you insist on initiating an argument

Just as your about to leave,

And why when we argue, must you

Insist on stopping in the middle of the street

Isn’t it confusingly brilliant,

How you leave on the water,

When such a sound to me is mental slaughter

Do you really need the big light on to clean your teeth?

Must you insist on leaving the tap on?

Must you persist on this, persist persist persist


Was your name not different when we met?

Was you face not more angelic than this?

I’m sure your technology wasn’t so loud when we met


Its certainly confusingly magnificent

How you seemed so innocent

How your act was brilliant

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Jeff Dawson

Mon 28th Apr 2008 20:58

Brilliant Richard, the title says it all, really enjoyed that, cheers Jeff

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