For the Better

For the Better


On my study wall hangs a portrait

of a man, his son and a family of refugees

Walking with their meagre possessions

Syrains in a foreign land; a people in despair

They are displaced souls the victims of civil war

this family is one of millions throughout the world

crossing borders, leaving family and friends behind


Can any good come from such a trage...

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A Collage of Autumn

A Collage of Autumn


A silent thunder of darkened clouds approach

light is diminished into a perpetual shadow of gloom

Sinister cohorts of ghosts dart about in macabre dance

the drums of the damned fill the air with stark foreboding


The obscure memories of past years appear from the sepulchres of time

a barely noticed cenotaph assumes a different identity

War is never...

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A Reason

A Reason


A ponderous existence is our enigma in life

to experience the fullness of all is perplexity

Highly subjective we are intensely observant

the world is seen as a cinema screen

A performance in which we all take part

a drama of strange participation


Do I serve a purpose through my being here

is my individuality purposefully made

Am I a cog in a wheel of p...

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One of Many

One of Many


I detest that cold biting wind

which chills me through bark into each ring

Those gusts that denude me of any propriety

as autumnal scales are blown away

to fall upon a carpet of other discarded leaves

A time to acknowledge my stark reality

to be resilient in the face of snow and hail

Along with others we give of ourselves

in uniformed fidelity to the sea...

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You´re Living in the Past

You´re Living in the Past

(from a has been to a know it all)


In some cultures the elderly are regarded as the

custodians of wisdom based on life´s experience

In our advanced culture of high technology

the elderly are put aside as having served their purpose


Fashion is to be attractive and up to date

modernity is the way forward, the means of progress

Old Fashioned...

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Nan´s Kitchen

Nan´s Kitchen


The kitchen was small and austere

an old sink with a single tap

for cold water alone

The window was draped in a net curtain

beside the sink an old gas stove

with four burners and an oven

Opposite stood a kitchenette

and little else that served any purpose

Linoleum covered the wooden floor

which was cracked and threadbare

In the corner behind a do...

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Indoctrination and radicalisation

instruments in the hands of evil men

Distorted political ideologies and religious zealots

creators of inferiority and superiority

Where many are deprecated and made worthless

who are persecuted or even exterminated


In the name of Righteousness

by the self righteous

From those in power

the manipulators



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Bigger and Better Bombs

Bigger and Better Bombs


Should we build more new schools

with indoor and outside pools

More hospitals are urgently needed

let´s hope and pray our voices are heeded


Let´s plant more trees and clean up the beaches

including our land to its furthermost reaches

New universities for many to improve the mind

and money for research to restore sight for the blind



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In Love

In Love


A time comes to fall deeply in love

consumed by a sensuous longing desire

A burning passion of emptying oneself

to be enrapt in the gilded frame of love


When all else is of secondary importance

nothing left to chance or distractions of any kind

A union of body, mind and heart

beating yea pulsating to a climax of exhileration


A time when all is brou...

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No Frontiers

No Frontiers


Birds carry no passports

the wind blows where it wills

Rain falls where it pleases

the fox and owl know no boundaries

Music is heard internationally

God is worshipped in universality

families are separated by national documents

Passports exercise border control

tickets with taxes permit travel across them

Pollution flows through the air

colds and ...

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History in Denial

History in Denial


General Franco is to be exhumed and his body removed

for years his statues have been argued over and often approved

Streets bearing his name now have new and different names

and so the politicians play their deceitful games


This handiwork is for the sake of distraction

to divert away attention in another direction

A failing economy with chaos can no...

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