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Updated: Sat, 6 Mar 2021 08:41 pm

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Born in Warwickshire, England Brought up and educated in Lancashire Served in HM Forces for ten years Now live in Northamptonshire, England Interests: Writing, Poetry, Painting with Pastels, Peace & Justice, International Relations, British & European, Deltiology, History, The Classics, Ignatian Spirituality and other Spiritualities, The Slav Composers, Learning the Piano, Contemplation, Meditation and my two dogs. Work: Spiritual Director, Diarist, Essayist and Epistolographist, Poet and Writer In many ways I have discovered my true self which has been a very illuminating experience. After a life of conformity I am now free to express myself and find poetry a means to achieve this. I believe conformity robs us of our individuality. To write prose, poetry, to paint or compose music we need to be completely liberated otherwise we produce what other people want to hear or see and not what we want to say or achieve. I am passionately opposed to any form of prejudice as I consider it to be one of the greatest evils of humankind. I am an activist for peace and justice. As poetry is a highly subjective genre I am reminded by a friend of mine, who is a professional photographer and artist, that one´s poems need no introduction or explanation. They should be open to interpretation only. I wonder how other poets view this. I welcome all constructive criticism as I often feel the need for some direction. Thank you In April 2019 I had a book published which is entitled "Solitary Reflections", a compilation of poetry and prose. I recommend this to my friends and fellow poets. It has already received and excellent review from a well known North Country poet, Jon Darby, also a member of Write Out Loud. I include his review and a link for those of you who would like to buy a copy of this book. Thank you. Keith Jeffries "Solitary Reflections" review by Jon Darby I was so excited to receive my copy of “Solitary Reflections” in the post just last week. It looks and feels like a premium title that would sit comfortably in any bookshop. Keith Jeffries, the author, is a prolific poet on “Write Out Loud” which is where I first discovered his work, his friendship and his invaluable comments on my own and others poetry. Keith’s writing echoes his fascinating worldwide travels and a career that has seen him serve in both the armed forces and as an ordained priest in the Anglican church. As the foreword says, this book could be used meditation style, especially as it covers big life themes such as War (the stunning “Shot” on page 41 is a standout for me), Religion/Faith (page 62’s wonderful “C of E” which is thoughtful, humorous and irreverent) and Sexuality (“Faces in Shadows”, page 167, a fascinating account of a time before legislation, when gay life had to be lived secretly.) Many other topics are covered, too many to mention individually, but Solitary Reflections is essentially a blunt, humorous, thoughtful and intelligent collection of fine poetry. There are six short stories to finish off, my favourite being the beautifully conveyed “Dancing Classes”. Treat yourself, a loved one or a friend to a copy. I already have".


Faces in Shadows In the furtive light of dusk blurred figures in constant motion some homeward bound with purposeful gait of intent other lone figures who welcome the night delay wandering with predatory delight who live on the fringes of light Day has gone yet they remain those few who are not the same Light diminishes in intensity in a few it awakens urgent necessity They roam alone in the gloom in search of a friend with a room Faces brush by with suspicious ease glances which betray a sensual tease Hands touch, expressions beckon often all is accomplished in a second Night seduces its predators on to secluded corners of fun Havens of passion, soon are reached as fumbling gropings surge unleashed Bated breath with gasps of relief done as if a skulking thief Moments too precious to secure times of heated passion do procure Soon to rejoin those with gait renewed to homes where nought is so lewd Nights of love hastily grasped now long since passed Replaced by neon light now do lure have made the Faces more secure (A Cameo of gay life in the UK prior to legalisation) Hell's Quagmire They lay in fetid mud, covered in congealed blood All around the trappings of hell did abound Broken bodies, pallid skin, all had died in a din Stillness now dwelt in hell´s backyard As distant guns thundered and continued to roar A dark tinged sky of cloud and cordite Drizzled its misery upon the mutilated dead Rifles as broken kindling lay in squalid slime Close to the brave now lost to their hellish grave Freckled wire matted over a tragic scene Beneath, those whose lives were doomed to die Helmets, gas masks, guns galore now failed to keep a score Craters disfigured a muddy hide of lines broken and askew Fortifications never meant to last had gone in a blast Smouldering ruins, the staggering wounded Horses, dogs, casualties too were now human prey Trees, bare, uprooted, bereft of leaves or branches Cried to the sky as they too wanted to die Papers, letters and the like did flutter as distant guns did stutter Hell had visited this place and left its mark and despite the day all became dark

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Thu 29th Apr 2021 12:37

to post a comment you must log in.
to dig a fence post you must have a shovel.
to understand my poetry, you must have a screw loose.

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Ghazala lari

Wed 28th Apr 2021 07:17

Thanks for reading the poem and leaving your thoughts.🌷


Wed 28th Apr 2021 03:13

the idea is to embarrass you
not...cover you!

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Mon 26th Apr 2021 10:25

Hi Keith,

I just spotted your comment on my profile, thanks for that. I think it was t'other Tom who commented on your recent poem, but I did read and enjoy it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and process. I genuinely find it really interesting and would love to grill more contributors about this stuff 😃

Whilst I'm not able to write exclusively with a pen, I know that the sheer pleasure of writing with a fountain pen on paper is what got me to write many of my poems. It's such a nice experience it encourages you to write something, anything, and often in this process I'll discover a poem buried that I didn't know was in me. In an almost divine intervention, I found a fountain pen in the street aged about 20 and not long after found an empty notebook on a bus journey. It sounds daft really but it was like the universe handed me these tools. I've never since found either of these objects just lying in the street.

I think I take inspiration from many of the same sources as you and the initial ideas are usually dictated into my phone as I'm walking down the street. I'm polishing up a poem at the moment written entirely on a walk home from work where I was inspired by a smell (which is a new one on me, I think). I love your work and always keep en eye out for it - though must admit I've not had much free time to visit WoL of late but I hope that will change soon. All the best, Tom.


Thu 22nd Apr 2021 12:05

ha. a funny response.

With all my poems
I sound the alarm
I hope they help
and do not harm,
but do not let
your heart be torn
they may lack sense
but do have charm.


Wed 21st Apr 2021 03:05

Keith Jeffries continues to come to my site.
I have no idea why.
A glutten for punishment, I guess.


Sun 18th Apr 2021 11:03

over 6 feet? wow.
no wonder airplanes are bad for you.
and yes, the bathroom situation is not ideal on an airplane.
and where does it go?
Is that where rain comes from?


Tue 6th Apr 2021 22:35

Rebirth & Resurrection.
Both themes of the poem.
Thank you for reading and sharing your deep thoughts.
Also, thanks for sticking with me.
I think YOU were my very "first responder"..

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Ghazala lari

Thu 1st Apr 2021 23:40

Thank you for reading, liking and commenting on the poem, beautiful life. I'm glad you liked it.🌷


Wed 24th Mar 2021 23:53

Thanks for reading "True Love"
I am shocked that you continue to come to my site.
But I welcome your response.
I see you are still wearing that gun holster
strapped to your chest.
You look like James Bond!

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Scattered Sun

Sun 14th Feb 2021 15:33

Thank you for the likes and comments!
I admire your work.

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Stuart Vanner

Fri 5th Feb 2021 13:48

Dear Keith
I don't many pieces by Rachmaninoff but understand that they are quite difficult to play. A lot of Beethovens music is difficult too, but if you wanted Beethoven then I would suggest the Fur Elise, which short and pleasant to play.
However, I would generally recommend Mozart as most of his works are easier to play, such his Sonata in C , also known as his easy sonata. There are many other pieces by Mozart which are very nice and yet not too demanding.

If you need any more help or advice then let me know and I shall try to get back to you.
I hope this helps.
Kind regards from Stuart

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D Joshi

Thu 4th Feb 2021 15:57

Hi Keith

Thank you for your kind welcoming words. I have never really shared any of my writing before so this is bit of a new adventure. Hopefully i can get good feedback and improve as i go along.
Thank you for all your kind comments, very encouraging.

Your poetry is very captivating and descriptive i look forward to reading more of it over time. Thank you for sharing.

Best wishes

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Sat 30th Jan 2021 19:59

Keith I have responded to your personal email on this, and again I thank your supportive remarks.




Wed 20th Jan 2021 03:54

Open heart surgery?
good grief.
hope you are doing better now.

(do not flash the nurses in your Hospital Gown!)


Sat 16th Jan 2021 03:51

A hospital gown
it does appear
can expose a lot
and look quite queer
some will laugh
some brought to tears
gown turned around
shows front not rear!

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yaminah zurita

Fri 11th Dec 2020 05:41

Your very Welcome and Yes!!!! What A Blessing We Have. To God be the Glory 🙏

<Deleted User> (17799)

Thu 10th Dec 2020 22:02

A profound poet, I enjoy reading your entries and would like to share my gratitude for all the likes and comments you have made on my poems.

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yaminah zurita

Thu 26th Nov 2020 09:49

Thank you so much for your kind words on my poem, very much appreciated 💜


Fri 30th Oct 2020 02:02

Twitter is corrupt
and ruinous
no matter the country
where it is
the truth is not.


Mon 26th Oct 2020 02:35

a friend is worth 50Cents don't ya think?
Maybe not a whole dollar but
surely 50 cents!
What are friends for?

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J.D. Bardo

Sat 24th Oct 2020 22:25

you are very well spoken, a soothing nature about your words that I find, well, soothing. your insight is impressive, I look forward to reading all of your work. I like the comment, poetry is open to interpretation, mine sure is, I have many to share, and write more weekly. I very rarely "write" for correspondence but am interested enough to try. I believe in surrounding myself with the right people, and feel that knowing you will be very good for me. therapeutic actually. I thrive on captivating writing. and have found write out loud to have many talented poets to follow. loving it so far. to be continued.
J.D. Bardo


Mon 19th Oct 2020 03:41

hi Keith.
good to hear from you.
that poem was a bit tongue in cheek
but the point is
we are raising a generation of kids
who know nothing except social media.


Mon 14th Sep 2020 08:23

Breathing is optional.
I choose it because
I want to see what
the next poem will be.


Mon 7th Sep 2020 23:10

something real
sparks imagination
it is not created out of thin air
and history cannot be invented
or changed as it is today.

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Flavia Gordon

Thu 3rd Sep 2020 16:26

Thank you Keith and you are most welcome!

It's not so easy for me to be vulnerable but I find it less daunting on paper...

This means a lot coming from you, I adore your work.


Tue 4th Aug 2020 23:37

No, he does not use a cane
not yet
but will eventually
you bet,
As sure as the sun will rise
then likely set
old man can at that point
just call it quits!

(thanks for reading that poem by O.L. Buzzerd.
I will tell him you liked it.)

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Mark O

Fri 17th Jul 2020 00:26

Wow. Thank you so much for your comment! That was one of my more vulnerable pieces so i treasure your positive feedback.


Tue 14th Jul 2020 11:29

Your enthusiasm
appears on the wane,
perhaps because
there are no possums in Spain!


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Emeka Collins

Sat 11th Jul 2020 12:41

Thank you so much Keith for your comment on my poem.
Your poems house intense experience and thoughts.
I will always love to read them.

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