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Born in Warwickshire, England Brought up and educated in Lancashire Served in HM Forces for ten years Now live in Northamptonshire, England Interests: Writing, Poetry, Photography, Painting with Pastels, Peace & Justice, International Relations, British & European History ,Ignatian Spirituality and other Spiritualities, The Slav Composers, Contemplation, Meditation and my two dogs. Work: Spiritual Direction & Writing In many ways I have discovered my true self which has been a very illuminating experience. After a life of conformity I am now free to express myself and find poetry a means to achieve this. I believe conformity robs us of our individuality. To write prose, poetry, to paint or compose music we need to be completely liberated otherwise we produce what other people want to hear or see and not what we want to say or achieve. I am passionately opposed to any form of prejudice as I consider it to be one of the greatest evils of humankind. I am an activist for peace and justice. As poetry is a highly subjective genre I am reminded by a friend of mine, who is a professional photographer and artist, that one´s poems need no introduction or explanation. They should be open to interpretation only. I wonder how other poets view this. I welcome all constructive criticism as I often feel the need for some direction. Thank you In April 2019 I had a book published which is entitled "Solitary Reflections", a compilation of poetry and prose. I recommend this to my friends and fellow poets. It has already received and excellent review from a well known North Country poet, Jon Darby, also a member of Write Out Loud. I include his review and a link for those of you who would like to buy a copy of this book. Thank you. Keith Jeffries "Solitary Reflections" review by Jon Darby I was so excited to receive my copy of “Solitary Reflections” in the post just last week. It looks and feels like a premium title that would sit comfortably in any bookshop. Keith Jeffries, the author, is a prolific poet on “Write Out Loud” which is where I first discovered his work, his friendship and his invaluable comments on my own and others poetry. Keith’s writing echoes his fascinating worldwide travels and a career that has seen him serve in both the armed forces and as an ordained priest in the Anglican church. As the foreword says, this book could be used meditation style, especially as it covers big life themes such as War (the stunning “Shot” on page 41 is a standout for me), Religion/Faith (page 62’s wonderful “C of E” which is thoughtful, humorous and irreverent) and Sexuality (“Faces in Shadows”, page 167, a fascinating account of a time before legislation, when gay life had to be lived secretly.) Many other topics are covered, too many to mention individually, but Solitary Reflections is essentially a blunt, humorous, thoughtful and intelligent collection of fine poetry. There are six short stories to finish off, my favourite being the beautifully conveyed “Dancing Classes”. Treat yourself, a loved one or a friend to a copy. I already have".


Faces in Shadows In the furtive light of dusk blurred figures in constant motion some homeward bound with purposeful gait of intent other lone figures who welcome the night delay wandering with predatory delight who live on the fringes of light Day has gone yet they remain those few who are not the same Light diminishes in intensity in a few it awakens urgent necessity They roam alone in the gloom in search of a friend with a room Faces brush by with suspicious ease glances which betray a sensual tease Hands touch, expressions beckon often all is accomplished in a second Night seduces its predators on to secluded corners of fun Havens of passion, soon are reached as fumbling gropings surge unleashed Bated breath with gasps of relief done as if a skulking thief Moments too precious to secure times of heated passion do procure Soon to rejoin those with gait renewed to homes where nought is so lewd Nights of love hastily grasped now long since passed Replaced by neon light now do lure have made the Faces more secure (A Cameo of gay life in the UK prior to legalisation)

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Fri 16th Aug 2019 10:41

so ...
are you still painting?


Fri 16th Aug 2019 10:40

good response.


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Mon 12th Aug 2019 22:02

Thank you John. Lily pads. Glad you liked. P

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keith jeffries

Fri 2nd Aug 2019 22:30

No therapy is needed as I am armed with a mighty fountain pen, writing paper and a blotter, not to mention a black telephone with a cable and a wireless set at my elbow.



Fri 2nd Aug 2019 13:53

a technophobe?
are you in therapy?
you can be helped
with counseling.
confess your sins
say your penance!


Wed 31st Jul 2019 03:01

don't worry about age
it's just a number
what matters is
what goes on inside your head.

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Thu 25th Jul 2019 23:54

Thanks Keith, just trying to coax those shy artists into expressing themselves out loud somehow. Really appreciate the comment.


Mon 15th Jul 2019 23:42

dogs make better friends
than humans.
you can trust a dog!

<Deleted User> (22158)

Mon 15th Jul 2019 18:45

Keith, Thank you for your comment on "Coin Toss". I appreciate it! Take care. --- J

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Mon 15th Jul 2019 10:46

Agreed Keith (fountain pen-wise) in fact, I'm going to load a new cartridge now and see if there is some inspiration lurking 😃 And thanks, You Are My Priest is me giving thanks to all of you lucky readers out there.


Sun 14th Jul 2019 22:20

Thanks Keith.
How's the dog?
for that matter,
how are You?


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Sat 13th Jul 2019 14:42

Hi Keith, thanks for your comments on The Artist's Desk. Much appreciated.

I'm with you, I only use my desk (the one pictured) very occasionally. Most of my writing has to be done on-the-go... usually on a train between London and Sheffield. I miss writing with a fountain pen, I find it freeing and inspiring in a different way to writing on a laptop; maybe because simply just 'writing' is so satisfying in itself it motivates you to keep going until you stumble upon the thing you needed to say.

I don't know why I'm so curious about the place people write; I'm not sure how much influence it has on the work produced but it still intrigues me. My previous poem 'Great Destroyers' was "written" by dictating it into Siri on my phone while walking down the street - which worked surprisingly well.

Thanks again, Tom

<Deleted User> (22247)

Fri 5th Jul 2019 15:27

You handle words very, very well.


Tue 25th Jun 2019 18:53

I agree wholeheartedly
with your opinion of
"The Church"
Jesus would be appalled
at the wealth of the churches
vs. the poverty of the common man
all the churches ever do is
ask for money...
the church is as corrupt as the government
but far more hypocritical
throw the money-changers out!


Thu 23rd May 2019 23:07

yes, they do cosmetic surgery
tell him to schedule a time and...
bring his ugly face in for a re-do.
faces will be lifted
as well as


Mon 20th May 2019 22:02

gotta love dogs.
they are like people,
only better.


Thu 16th May 2019 18:56

A Ditz is basically
a stupid person,
a scatterbrain.
In this case
it applies to a Dog!

<Deleted User> (21818)

Thu 16th May 2019 18:24

Thank you Keith for your comment on 'The Beach'. Your comments always brighten my day! Have a wonderful weekend😊😊

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Mon 13th May 2019 20:11

Glad you enjoyed Home is ...? Thank you for the encouragement.><>


Mon 13th May 2019 18:12

thanks for you comment on "How Many Kisses",
my mother is deceased but she continues to
influence my daily life.
"what would mom say."


Sun 12th May 2019 16:59

Sun 12th May 2019 16:58

the poem is well constructed...
along with the mother,
my wife!
Have a great day also!

just think of all the things a mother does as routine
that she never gets applause for.
let's give her a round of applause Today,
in fact , a standing Ovation!

<Deleted User> (21818)

Sat 11th May 2019 23:39

Thank you Keith for taking the time to comment on my poems. Your comments are always appreciated. I'm glad your partner has's spring and love is in the air! Enjoy!

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Stu Buck

Fri 10th May 2019 16:02

hi keith
thanks for your kind comments re: my art
you can find a gallery of my work here

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Laura Taylor

Tue 23rd Apr 2019 13:49

Thanks for your note on The Ties That Bind, Keith. Wrote itself really quickly, funnily enough 😉


Sun 21st Apr 2019 11:24

thanks Keith for your review of "Restaurant"
i was surprised you thought so highly of it.
it was just another simple poem
that somehow meandered
into a restaurant.


Sat 20th Apr 2019 12:08

So YOU are the Sleepy Head.
Actually I get up at 4-5am
to get my poems into WOL,
a 6 hour difference.

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Ian Whiteley

Sat 20th Apr 2019 11:10

thanks for the comment on 'AmericaZ' Keith - glad you liked it 😃

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keith jeffries

Fri 19th Apr 2019 14:50

d.k., I always turn my computer off before going to bed to avoid any such inappropriate behaviour Sometimes they can get quite loud.


Fri 19th Apr 2019 12:29

emojis drive you crazy? me too.
but...they're everywhere.
i think they breed at night, in the computer.


Wed 17th Apr 2019 23:35

your response was well thought out and well-said!
In fact your response was better than the poem itself.
I like your thought about us being Rememberers.
so true.

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