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Born in Warwickshire, England Brought up and educated in Lancashire Served in HM Forces for ten years Now live in Spain. Interests: Writing, Poetry, Photography, Painting with Pastels, Peace & Justice, International Relations, British & European History ,Ignatian Spirituality and other Spiritualities, The Slav Composers, Contemplation, Meditation and my two dogs. Work: Spiritual Direction & Writing In many ways I have discovered my true self which has been a very illuminating experience. After a life of conformity I am now free to express myself and find poetry a means to achieve this. I believe conformity robs us of our individuality. To write prose, poetry, to paint or compose music we need to be completely liberated otherwise we produce what other people want to hear or see and not what we want to say or achieve. I am passionately opposed to any form of prejudice as I consider it to be one of the greatest evils of humankind. I am an activist for peace and justice. As poetry is a highly subjective genre I am reminded by a friend of mine, who is a professional photographer and artist, that one´s poems need no introduction or explanation. They should be open to interpretation only. I wonder how other poets view this. I welcome all constructive criticism as I often feel the need for some direction. Thank you


Faces in Shadows In the furtive light of dusk blurred figures in constant motion some homeward bound with purposeful gait of intent other lone figures who welcome the night delay wandering with predatory delight who live on the fringes of light Day has gone yet they remain those few who are not the same Light diminishes in intensity in a few it awakens urgent necessity They roam alone in the gloom in search of a friend with a room Faces brush by with suspicious ease glances which betray a sensual tease Hands touch, expressions beckon often all is accomplished in a second Night seduces its predators on to secluded corners of fun Havens of passion, soon are reached as fumbling gropings surge unleashed Bated breath with gasps of relief done as if a skulking thief Moments too precious to secure times of heated passion do procure Soon to rejoin those with gait renewed to homes where nought is so lewd Nights of love hastily grasped now long since passed Replaced by neon light now do lure have made the Faces more secure (A Cameo of gay life in the UK prior to legalisation)

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Thu 14th Feb 2019 12:42

Aging Rock Stars and old poets
must keep on doing what they are doing-
The act of Creating drives the human spirit.

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ken eaton-dykes

Wed 13th Feb 2019 15:29

Hi Keith

Many thanks for your comment, it's much appreciated



Wed 13th Feb 2019 14:59

Keith I am late on parade... Better late than never.

What is it that inspires you the most to write?

Although I have only been here a few months there are a few poets who really stand out to me, and you my friend are one of them.



Mon 11th Feb 2019 12:27

I think "We Never Asked" rings true for so many of us
who think there will always be time Later
but then time runs out.
Thanks for your comments Keith.
they speak to who You are,
a caring person.


Fri 8th Feb 2019 23:50

you are the last of the pen & ink poets.
but good for you.
whatever inspires the best words
works best!



Thu 17th Jan 2019 13:41

Thanks for your comments on "I Cannot Imagine".

I cannot imagine getting such a good review.


Big Sal

Fri 11th Jan 2019 12:53

Thank you for the support.

Reading poetry can bring together enemies - if they'd only read it right.

Your contributions are nothing less than completely meaningful and heartfelt in substance.💪

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Tommy Carroll

Tue 11th Dec 2018 15:21

Keith "Ich bin ein berliner or Ich bin ein Berliner? you donut. ;- )
(I wrote your name as BBC radio 6' presenter Maconie said "Keith")

Tommy (must get out more) Carroll


Sat 24th Nov 2018 11:46

thanks for your many kind comments.
I'm getting to know you
as a man with a kind heart.


Mon 19th Nov 2018 03:18

thank you for your comment on
"The Space of a Lifetime'.
You comment frequently. I appreciate that.
I hope I am not taking up your valuable time.

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Ian Whiteley

Thu 15th Nov 2018 14:12

thanks for the comments on 'falling down the cracks in the pavement' Keith - yes - I needed some light relief after the war poetry of the last month or so - been on a tour of 6 gigs in 7 days last week delivering the set of poems and music that I released about WW1 in 2014. It has been fulfilling but emotionally draining - I needed to let off some steam and let out some jeans :-)


Mon 5th Nov 2018 22:28

thanks Keith for you kind comment.
I don't know what to say.


Sun 4th Nov 2018 01:13

(took a wrong turn, stuck now in Parenthesis)
good comeback!


Thu 1st Nov 2018 03:32

regarding Mother's Lament
i think we've all been there
at one time or another.

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keith jeffries

Sun 14th Oct 2018 12:00

I agree. Your fly seems to have an attitude problem, but don´t they all



Sun 14th Oct 2018 11:38

with personality
end up dead


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Jethro Iresare

Thu 11th Oct 2018 23:47

Thank you Keith! I appreciate the comments and you reading my poems!

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keith jeffries

Wed 10th Oct 2018 23:00

Can they be so vicious?


Wed 10th Oct 2018 12:53

Women go to restrooms
to talk about Men.
They used to love us
now they plot revenge.


Big Sal

Mon 8th Oct 2018 22:12

Your comments and you reading are appreciated Keith.

Neruda is a damn legend.

<Deleted User> (19836)

Sun 7th Oct 2018 19:06

Keith, Thank you so much for commenting on my POTW as well as your continued support. Your comments are so encouraging that they leave me speechless. I really do appreciate it!😊

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Nigel Astell

Sun 7th Oct 2018 10:24

Thanks for your like on Insanity Comes Calling Part Two Keith.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Fri 5th Oct 2018 14:27

Thank you for commenting on Lies Keith. I particularly enjoyed you likening lies to rain everyone gets wet. Very apt..Taylor 💕

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Ian Whiteley

Tue 2nd Oct 2018 18:51

thanks for the kind comments on 'Bevin Boy' Keith - once again I must apologise for taking so long to respond - I've been off the internet doing some music projects - I appreciate your continued supportive comments

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Sun 30th Sep 2018 12:16

Hi Keith,

Thank you so much for inspiring comments on my poems. For taking the time to look through and actually getting what I am trying to say. Feels good to be understood.


Anya 😘

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Mae Foreman

Sat 29th Sep 2018 14:13

Hey Keith!

Thank you!😁 For standing up and for the "Gloria Gaynor" pun!(Not meant for an ex lover though but still, an honor!)


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Ged the Poet

Fri 28th Sep 2018 11:26

Thank you so much for your wonderful words on 'The Place where only dead men sleep. I apologise for my my very delayed response. I have flitted into WOL now and again but fell 'out of love' with all poetry. Your comment means a lot to me.
(Your P.O.T.W. a few months back was very well worthy).
You have some wonderful work.

<Deleted User> (19836)

Thu 27th Sep 2018 07:19

Keith, Thank you so much for your comments on 'A Fork in The Road' and 'A Purple Ribbon'. I find your comments very encouraging and they are appreciated!😊


Wed 26th Sep 2018 23:12

what the heck is marmite?
and Rioja?

Marmite is a small furry animal.
Rioja is a Spanish fly.
I think.


Sun 23rd Sep 2018 18:46

Thanks Keith for your admiration.
I am glad someone recognizes brilliance
when they see it.


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