The Front

The Front


Faces ripped off

intestines disgorged

Lice and rats eat

the entrails of heroes

Helmets with bullet holes

filled with cerebral refuse

Frozen joints, numbed fingers

burnt out dog ends

Squelching mud

foot rot to boot

Incessant explosions

mountains of fresh corpses

Humanity debased

for flags and monarchs

What a fucking hell

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Don Matthews

Sun 29th Dec 2019 04:00

'Humanity debased
for flags and monarchs
What a fucking hell'

A well-said ending Keith....

Games played by generals sipping whiskeys in cosy comfort while young boy pawns get killed. Bring in the next wave of pawns folks. Plenty more from where they came from....Onward and upward.

I rarely swear in anger but what a fucking waste.....

However, defence from an agressor requires a different set of thinking. And not all generals are drinking whiskey while their troops are getting killed. Some are fighting alongside them.

Despite all this war is a futile waste.

Cause? Greed. Greed rules the world. I think humans are born with a greed gene.


Maybe science can now remove this gene?

Question? Do the powers that be want to?

I'm getting sidetracked here...sorry Keith

Do the rich (greedy?) want their greed gene removed from their future progeny? Would Trump?

Of course not Don. Who provides the money for gene research, politics, greed-machine research?.....

Sorry sidetracked......

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Danny Giesbrecht

Sun 29th Dec 2019 03:16

I really like the intensity it is almost if I was there very good

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keith jeffries

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 09:06

Kevin, John, Binte, Po, Lisa, Robert and Martin,

Thank you for your comments and the time you took to read and ponder on this, albiet brief poem. The more I think about human conflict the more I see that there are no victors only sheer misery for both victors and vanquished.
Thank you again


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Martin Elder

Sat 2nd Nov 2019 23:25

I am glad to se you not pulling any punches here Keith. Such a subject required strong words
Nice none

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