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A Good Innings

It was fun while it lasted

Now it’s time to leave the crease

Take the plaudits, raise your bat

Let the innings cease


No need to hang around for tea

Just take your bag and shuffle off

And please, don’t go near the cakes

With that painful, hacking cough


Looks like rain, did you check the covers?

And coil up the boundary rope

Without proper preparation 

I’m ...

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Boris Johnsoncovid-19

Somewhere close to Westminster Bridge, October 2023, lines written on hearing of a new presenter on GB News.

Earth has not anything to show more shit

Mad would she be of soul who could watch it

A sight so tragic, such a travesty 

This chancer now doth, like a varmint wear

The mask of a presenter, barefaced stare

Scandal, pandemic, the litany of lies

Indifferent, callous, let bodies pile high

Wittering trivia to the poisoned air  

Never did one so manifestly seep

Self important ...

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Wordsworthparodysatirepolitical satireBoris Johnson

The Lunatic has left The Asylum

After holding the country

In a straight jacket

Of lies, deceit  and

Despicable behavior


The Lunatic has left

               The asylum



Trashing the country

Smashing up democracy

Popping corks when people died


The Lunatic has left

                The asylum


But the rats will enter again , from the side door







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BorisBoris Johnson

Not If

When the cut and thrust of politics is real

When the cut and paste apologies are fake

When facts matter less than what you feel

And truth and lies are given equal weight


When “I get it” and “I’ll fix it” are a sham

When extremists are emboldened by your act

When you genuinely couldn’t give a damn

And your policy does nothing but distract


When you use your privileg...

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politicsboris johnson

The slow tissue paper of lies

Inflation is going down

Though you know it’s rising sky high


He gets to the dispatch box

And says 2+2 are 5

“No, it’s 6” scream the backbenchers

“It’s 7” “No it’s 9”


The thin burning tissue paper

Of lies


Corruption is a badge of honour

The truth is a lie

Just sit back and watch

The country burning from the inside


The thick corrosive wound fes...

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Boris JohnsonBoris

Mutation (2021)

It was running round the House of Commons

With no mask

Handing out PPE contracts to their mates

For a laugh


As the population was falling into graves

They gave out party invites

Drunk on festive cheer.

Tears streaming down the cheeks of relatives

Who couldn’t see them go

                                        Ho Ho Ho


The lies multiplied, given a boost


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Boris Johnson

Mustn't Grumble

Mustn’t Grumble


Thinks he’s the bee’s knees

One big bumble

He’s doing his best

Mustn’t grumble


All around

Dreams start to crumble

Chin up chaps

Mustn’t grumble


Gets his words

All in a jumble

An Eton boy

So mustn’t grumble



Begins to rumble

He’s such a card

Mustn’t grumble


Staggering on

He’s bound to stumble


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day61boris johnsongive him enough ropetoo many chancesclownfailureforgivenessbreathing space

False Prophet

False Prophet



Resurrected antichrist

Not the messiah

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napowrimo2020day10boris johnsoncovid 19leaves ICUgod complexeasterhaikuhay(na)ku

Written last night about Boris Johnson! Wahey!




The cult distraction shrank

To be fronted by a child

However choreographed not exact stamp

A child reasoned with into accordance

That child now the man

On his shoulders crashing down

Spotlight always putting off

Because then known child is laughing


The cheated distracted thanked

To be vindicated right to suspect

And kept chil...

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Boris Johnson

A Threadbare Year

A Threadbare year
Still too hot to touch
Those that were poor
Remain so
Those full of hope
Chocked on feathers

Ballot Boxes
Full of X defeating Y

Why this thread of decency and kindness
Has become a dye
Faded like a hippy t shirt
Folded away neatly
To decay and die

Instead they are puffed up bloated
And the I I I and ‘we’ will make our country great again
No matter how many

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new yeartrumpBoris Johnson

Pillar box red - Pillar box dead

An off the public school cuff remark
Meant “in jest”
at “Johnny foreigner” to him and the rest

led to her beating
led to her death

Pillar box red
Pillar box dead

He writing aloof in the Toffs Telegraph 
High above us all
Trickled down to the street below

Pillar box red
Pillar box dead

It’s ok to hate
And now ridicule 
And now persecute

Taking down the veil 
For hatred t...

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Boris Johnson

Blubber boy.

He's fallen to his death on his plastic toy sword. 

To number ten from playpen his final reward.

This graceless coup is no coup de grace. 

No comedy of euros,  a cabinet farce, 

an egotistic act from flabby flatulent arse.


He'll be all over telly soon 

our fatty blundering hot air buffoon.

Puffing Shakespeare and Latin.

Please down let that twat in. 

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BrexitConservativespoliticsBoris JohnsonEU

All Hail Bold Etonian Boris

All hail bold Etonian Boris,
Whose exploits sent up quite a chorus,
To prove Europe was dead,
He swung down by his head,
Into the seat of Foreign Office.

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PoliticssatirelimerickBoris JohnsonBrexitEU

More than 50

I dont usaully do preamble however I must put this into context, its regarding Comments made in Spectator magazine in 2004 while Boris Johnson was editor.   The Article went out 'unsigned' which means nobody owned up to writing it.  However one of Boris's tean later on said that Boris had "a hand in it".


The Spectator claimed that "an excessive predilection for welfarism" had "created...

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HillsboroughFat twatBoris Johnson

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