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More than 50

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I dont usaully do preamble however I must put this into context, its regarding Comments made in Spectator magazine in 2004 while Boris Johnson was editor.   The Article went out 'unsigned' which means nobody owned up to writing it.  However one of Boris's tean later on said that Boris had "a hand in it".


The Spectator claimed that "an excessive predilection for welfarism" had "created a peculiar, and deeply unattractive psyche among many Liverpudlians. They see themselves whenever possible as victims, and resent their victim status; yet at the same time they wallow in it".

It went on to claim Liverpool had failed to acknowledge the part allegedly played in the Hillsborough disaster by drunken fans at the back of the crowd. "The police became a convenient scapegoat and the Sun newspaper, a whipping boy for daring, albeit in a tasteless fashion, to hint at the wider causes of the incident," it said.



More Than 50


It was Ninety Six! Boris! Ninety Six!

Not “MORE THAN 50!”


Ninety six was the number that you couldn’t say

In your bumbling, blundering, fat bastard way


I know that the details don’t mean much, to you

But I’m here to assure you, they fucking well do!


So remember that number, it’s quite consequential

So here’s why your comments sent us fucking mental


Ninety six children of ninety six mothers!

Ninety six sisters and fathers and brothers!


Ninety six funerals for ninety six souls!

Ninety six Scouser’s burnt up or in holes!


Ninety six people with one time of death?

Ninety six people with one dying breath?


While a system conspired to back up police lies

Ninety six families said their last goodbyes


“The Truth” said the sun, those poor families they read

How we robbed off our own and we pissed on our dead


For a plump Torie bastard, who’s had the hair dryer on suck

To hint we deserved it, you FAT CHEEKY FUCK!


Spurting your judgements like thee font of knowledge

They must of  buggered your brain’s out at Balliol College


Then because we stick together, you call us a tribe

So maybe we’ll catch you and boil you alive?


Set out our street tables and when banquet begins….



Who wants chips? 

With their fat twat!

With ninety six chins!



Ged Thompson/ Liverpool Poet and writer 22/07/13



HillsboroughFat twatBoris Johnson

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Pete Slater

Mon 22nd Jul 2013 13:55

Brilliant mate. From one rib cager to another ....brilliant mate. "Hairdryer on suck ... you fat cheeky fuck" love it. Would like to see it performed fella' ... LOADS of emotions in there ..

“The Truth” said the sun, those poor families they read
How we robbed off our own and we pissed on our dead.

AAAAAARGGGGHH!!!! If that doesn't wake people up then fuck all will do. Well written mate.
It's a disgrace that any one could try and score political points from such a tragedy, it makes me sick to my stomach that the authorities tried to cover up their own incompetence by blaming the victims. When you have that street banquet, save me a slice. ;0)

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Mon 22nd Jul 2013 12:09

Jolly good show Sir ! Excellent and eloquent political comment Mr Thompson.

One can see that your parochial education system still produces insightful poetry despite the fact that there is a lack of public school provision in the area.

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Laura Taylor

Mon 22nd Jul 2013 11:44

Ferocious. Well said, Ged.

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Mon 22nd Jul 2013 10:15

Wow Ged - this takes your breath away. I love the title - it's very powerful in its understatement - as the whole poem is powerful in it's anger.

When tragedies like this happen, it beggars belief that people can't see beyond party politics and petty allegiances, to the heart of the issue - that they just can't look through a parent's eyes.

Shame on the lot of them - and all those who peddled lies.

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Mon 22nd Jul 2013 09:25

Bravo! Very well put!
Do things really change, though, as the powers that be continue in the same vein vilifying the unemployed and disabled, etc.

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Dave Bradley

Mon 22nd Jul 2013 08:05

Totally understand the anger, Ged. Blues and Reds have been united on this, and, at last, the truth of it all is out there, although still with more to come. Boris' popularity is deeply worrying. He has some achievements as mayor, and a little boy mischievousness, which make people think he is trustworthy. Not a bit of it.

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