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The sun is out but I have to stay in.  A black pen and a white piece of paper await my creative side to begin. There is no noise here inside my house.

I sit still while the chaos continues outside. I lift the black pen and I start to write. My body is calm and these four walls have been my safe space. 

I have heat, clean water and fresh food in this place. This place I call, my home. How luc...

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Mindfulness or Mindlessness?

Meditate. Think. Relax. Breathe.

Take a minute to stop, think and react.

We all need a little headspace. 

Look after your mind.

But wait, don't forget, there's work to do too.

Make time for yourself.

Be sure to relax.

Just remember to reply, be present and on task.

Model to the children, be the best you can be.

Don't let them see if you're down, or feeling stressed.


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educationmeditatemental healthmindfulnessmindlessnessstressteachertime

The Quantum Poet...

Our bodies borrowed from the Universe

A billion years old

Yet renewing every moment.

What will history say when your story is told?

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meditationmindfulnessNew Age Spirituality

Ordinary Magic

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The realisations that a bit of mindfully living in the moment can bring....


It's magical that we taste

There's magic in a touch

Magic surrounds all the things

Which we don't think of much


The splendour of our sunshine

Remarkable drops of rain

The miracle of each day

That we've awoke again


The greatness of those blades of grass

That grow beneath our feet


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What next?

Here I go, take a step onto the stage called life.

Finally awake for the first time. Fully present here and now. What a gift.

Hold onto your handlebars. 

I take this breath like dope.

Into my blood, down into the depths of my being.

Where being is seeing.

Like a probe searching for answers.

My feet carry my swiftly as I walk.

Rooted firmly in the earth, I am strong.


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into the body, home

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Got to Talk

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Scream lung deep into a brown paper bag,

Let the pain poor free to drain the bulls red rag,

I don’t hear where the devil lives for the rustling distorts,

I know you’re hurting but your hand is moving and I can’t see all the warts,


Until you choose - until you can,

Until your soul finds the strength to trust a man,

I will hear words only spoken in different tongue,

What yo...

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