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Shutdown Melancholy

It all happens quickly,

the way our bodies fold,

warm up to the concept

of a morning

rush. We forget sleep in the shower;

we contemplate coffee on the balcony,

then tie our shoelaces inside

thoughtless motions.


And melancholy

keeps me from swearing

at the bad drivers in the concrete storm,

and that is the little difference

between us.


It’s day 28 of...

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She is tired. She does get tired.

She is tired of pretending to be strong. Like things were always all right. She is tired of being left alone. She has this friend inside. This voice in her head keeps on yelling that she’s stupid, worthless, and pathetic. Darkness loves her so much that he clothed her with fear and anxiety.

At night while she sleeps, he comes like a robber then takes her hap...

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Head In Hands

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Head In Hands


when I bring my hands

to my face

the heels fit precisely

into the sockets of my eyes…


my thumbs circle my temples

but do not soothe or ease the pain…


each of my fingers press

against the bony ridge of forehead…


kneading, coaxing,

pleading for relief…


the insides of each hand

pinch against the aqualine

contours of my nose...

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