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ears full of tears

Before you left
I thought 
I'd be hearing a symphony 
Atleast a hum
from your mouth
but all I heard
were the steps
you took.
Those steps 
that pricked
my heart.

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star drapes

"She's more
of a brick wall.
Though perfectly stacked
but still
there are
spaces that 
has to be filled.

She has to be filled."


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You came like a bomb
Purpose was to explode.
And after that
All those scattered pieces
Of yours
I gently picked them up
Though wounded from explosion
Saved you back into pieces
You weren’t the same anymore
But I will be the girl
Who will be remembered
As a superwoman of yours

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sea of thoughts

It’s like drowning in a sea of your thoughts. Screaming yourself, seeking for help. 
And there’s this opening on the heart of your sea, waiting for you, like a mother waiting for its child home. Singing lullabies of doubts, rants, and complaints. 
And the next thing you’ll know, you are deep down in its suburban bed in abysmal slumber.


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Take me back.
Take me back to the nights we felt alive. Those nights that mold us for who we are. Where we’d sing our hearts out. Live and awake. And dance back to the beat of our lives.


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i was sailing
in the deep dark sea
when i saw you, your island
i thought
i found hope
i found peace
i found rest
but then realized
i've been hopelessly desperate
waiting for someone
to put my anchor down
and take a break 
from being lost
that i imagine
it was you

but no,
i know you would never save me.

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today, you had drink so much
even said you weren't broken
but splurted that you love her
and where did it went wrong

if i had a chance, i wanted to heal you
i wanted to get the pain out of your chest
til the moment you'll say i can now feel 
and the numbness is gone

i still love how you smile
how your eyes would wrinkle in doing so
i saw how drunk and funny you are
aww i appreciate ...

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entry picture

She is tired. She does get tired.

She is tired of pretending to be strong. Like things were always all right. She is tired of being left alone. She has this friend inside. This voice in her head keeps on yelling that she’s stupid, worthless, and pathetic. Darkness loves her so much that he clothed her with fear and anxiety.

At night while she sleeps, he comes like a robber then takes her hap...

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