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She is tired. She does get tired.

She is tired of pretending to be strong. Like things were always all right. She is tired of being left alone. She has this friend inside. This voice in her head keeps on yelling that she’s stupid, worthless, and pathetic. Darkness loves her so much that he clothed her with fear and anxiety.

At night while she sleeps, he comes like a robber then takes her happiness, and all

that was left in her. She will then get up and look herself through the mirror. She’s not the person she used to be before. The tough, brave, and, courageous girl

who has the spirit to conquer the world. That girl who

believes that she is an extremist in her world full of fear and anger. That kind one who loves her life so much and ready to fight for more.


But that was back then. She has messed things up now and barely going out. She keeps herself from hurting that before you leave her, she’ll leave first. They always insist that she can do everything and can handle things up because that’s what she was, before. Some people do not care on what she feels because when they hear her name, the word ‘strong’ pulls up in the way. Although she cultivated it a lot. All her life, she’s been troubling herself and screaming inside. Plus overthinking’s the one she knows she was good at.


Just maybe.

Someday, she’ll get over everything and start breathing normally again. Like a dog that has found its bone. And soon will get home from being astray.


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