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I suppose it’s funny, the things that life throws at me, how it all goes to fuck by the slightest mistake! Am I destined to fail at everything I do, with defeat waiting in the wings to bring my eagle down? How does one know when a good day crashes down? I know many things but there’s always more just waiting to be shown. I have some scary weird dreams I don’t understan...

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Being Perfect!!!

You don't need to be Perfect,

You don't need to be the Best,

Just a Better version of Yourself,

Every Single Day...

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Don't Look And It Won't Hurt

Five years of cobwebs
decorate the hallway box
more dust at rest
fills the urn within it
that used to be your father...

Don’t look and it won’t hurt
don’t look and it won’t hurt

Your brother’s been drinking
on a fifteen year bender
so quick to lose his temper
if you ask too many questions
a snake prone upon his shoulder

Don’t look and it won’t hurt
don’t look and it won’t hurt


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Sorry, I'm temporarily done

Sorry buddy for what's gone on
If only you had actually known
How much that  I sacrificed for you
And this friendship that I thought was true

I honestly stood by you always
I was the friend that would have stayed
But in the end it was you that betrayed
Me in the most hurtful of ways

We had a history that we kept a mystery
Because it wasn't knowledge that we wanted freed
Why is that a...

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avoidancebetrayaldisappointmentdistrustFriendshipissueslet downloss of friendshippainpauseproblemssadnesssorrytime awaytime out


He held her so close to him she never wanted to let go.
He told her he loved her, was she really the one?
He promised her forever, but never gave her always.
He was a christian, and she was still finding her way.
He raised her heart so high, then dropped everything she was.
Her heart ached for him, yet he was with another,
she cried so many tears, she felt broken.
She hides all her pain ins...

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The flow does not like the sun

The flower has a best friend

That does not like the sun

The flower thinks everything will be good

Because the flow does not want to lose its partner

If love for the sun is so strong

The burning heat will last

But the fact your own friend won't except the light

And decides to sit in the cold and not grow

Love can show but not in a childish manner

To where civilized manner...

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Aliens don’t care about our plight, if you live or die, nah they don’t give a fuck. See a man shot dead, UFO could have zapped the shooter and stopped it. Grey aliens abducting drug dealers before they sell their evil drugs, not gonna happen!

What to do next? Ask the US president to do a protocol with aliens to stop crime on earth, would it actually work? What do we do? Do ...

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